Pregnancy Benefit Women’s Memory

Pregnancy benefit women

The increased levels of female hormones during pregnancy, permanently affect some key areas in the female brain.

This conclusion was reached study of university scientists in the United States Richmond, found that female mammals show significant changes in their cognitive abilities when birth.
The study was conducted in laboratory animals in order to determine whether the hormone changes in pregnancy affect the intelligence of women.
Researchers presented at various test the animals for two years, which consisted of females who either had never given birth or had done one, two or more small litters.

Experts have observed that animals who had two or more births had the ability to learn and remember best, difficult procedures, such as how to find food in them in a difficult maze, which was not the case in animals they had just given birth once or had given birth at all.

When researchers examined the animals’ brains, they found that the animals with two or more births, the region of the hippocampus, which is associated with memory functions and learning in a better situation. The hippocampus in these animals contained less of the protein which forms the beta-amyloid protein, which accumulates in the brain of Alzheimer patients.

In addition, in animals that had several litters, whose brain was in better condition and showed the best results in terms of memory and learning.

According to scientists, the differences between the animals never gave birth to those who have become pregnant is that the first is completely indifferent to the small and the latter react differently and are ready even to sacrifice their lives to protect.
Either way though is, studies agree that the brain of mammals, in general, no significant changes due to pregnancy with behavioral and cognitive capabilities.
And despite the fact that these conclusions resulted from experiments on animals, scientists believe there are great chances to themselves and women apply, even saying that in women the effect of pregnancy may be even more pronounced.
The findings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience.