10 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

help you get pregnant

If the bell motherhood has hit and you have started efforts to bring the world in … a successor, the following tips will look your very helpful!

1. Stay loyal to your circle

Counting the days of your menstrual cycle, you will know when your fertile days. Ovulation generally takes place about two weeks before the start of your period, and you will notice changes in vaginal fluid so that it is more transparent and sticky, and the temperature of your body, that is more elevated than usual.

2. Make a “strategic” s-ex

As pleasant as it is, it can increase the frequency of physical contact with your partner is not the most efficient thing you can do. It is preferable to choose the right time to have s-ex. You are more likely to capture the days between the first and third before ovulation, so try and then take a short break after.

3. Select Utilities stops

The closer you get the sperm in the mucus that covers the vagina, the more likely it is to survive the acidity, so choose an attitude that allows for deep penetration. To optimize the chances of conception, make sure that your partner will not be removed immediately after ejaculation, and you good to stay at rest for about half an hour – if you get up, could the sperm to slip out without even reaching into your vagina .

4. Seek orgasm

Surveys show that orgasm during the act increases the chances of fertilization. The alkaline secretions of the uterus and vagina during orgasm help sperm motility, while the atrial contraction helps to direct the fallopian tubes, particularly if your orgasm prior or in parallel with your partner.

5. Try to relax

Stress is able to intervene in your arrest attempt, because it affects the hormones ‘instruct’ on your ovaries to release eggs. If you are stressed, you may be ovulating later in your cycle or even at all. Try to find time in the day for any kind of entertainment you enjoy and relax you. Some women do various activities such as yoga, acupuncture or massage, to reduce the stress of capture.

6. Remember that it takes time

Depending on your age and your general health, you can pass much longer to conceive than expected. There are couples who conceived after three months work, and others that took years to accomplish. However, if you are trying for longer than 1 year, you may want to turn to a treatment for infertility.

7. Cut out unhealthy habits

Your diet and your certain habits both before and during your pregnancy will need some adjustment. You are a fan of coffee? Do you like sushi? Daily drink a little wine? Smoke regularly? All this is related to possible fertility and pregnancy complications. Some supplements to try: primrose oil, grape seed extract and probiotics.

8. Consider your medical history

Good to read with your doctor if there are any specific disease conditions in your family, such as diabetes or a genetic predisposition to be properly prepared. Moreover, you should know if your running properly immune, because certain microbes can cause up to miscarriages.

9. Return to normal weight levels

Whether you are plump or impossible, your health affects your fertility. In order to receive the necessary vitamins, you may want to consult a nutritionist to start a pre-pregnancy diet. Being overweight can stand in the way of a successful conception and cause complications in pregnancy. On the other hand, a weight lower than normal may cause abnormalities in your circle, making conception more difficult.

10. Add folic acid in your diatrofologio

The highest percentage of women trying to conceive would be good to hire 400 mcg of folic acid daily. Remember that the neural tube of the fetus develops in the first 28 days after the arrest, so even you may not know that you are pregnant. Foods rich in folic acid are spinach, citrus, legumes and grains.