10 Ways To Relax Your Mind

 Relax Your Mind

Even the strongest minds need rest.

See how to rejuvenate your mind with ten simple ways to avoid ‘klatarei’ your brain by overtime and have the best possible performance.

The more hours we work, the more work we produce, right? Not necessary. Consider that, after eight hours of uninterrupted work on the same object, without any break, the possibility to continue with overtime, and constantly have the same effectiveness is rather limited.

This is because our brain can not stand the constant strain with a specific item without proper venting. The expert on career issues and work performance of Time.com, Geil Browning, lists ten tips for those who want to renew the freshness of mind during their work, we quote you.

Secure the right “supplies”

A good ergonomic chair, suitable office and the computer monitor at the proper height are important factors to be alert during the day. Indeed, the closer to the upright position is the body when sitting, the more easily retain ‘awake’.

Do many things simultaneously

The author of the book Brain Rules, John Medina, says that our brain can do many things at once. End of story. What it actually does is to “blink” switches when moving from one activity to another.

However, when we do something intermittently, usually takes us 50% more time to complete, and with 50% more chances for mistakes. Take for example those who talk on the phone while driving: The chances to get involved in a car is four times more than the normal.

The ideal is to focus on a ‘duty’ time to bring out the more quickly and more safely.

Use all your senses

The interest of our brain becomes more intense for everything we do, when involved in it more than one unconscious. Use colored paper or pens of different colors. Be sure to have some air freshener in your office.

Listen to music that pleases you. Give your senses, and by extension in your brain, appropriate stimuli to … down to work with zest.

Do not take many decisions on the same day

According to a study published in Scientific American, if you go out in the morning for shopping, then consume your lunch and find yourself in a dilemma “to eat sweet or not,” and end the evening, invited to choose between
The will, patience and our thoughts work apparently in strange ways, so the best thing to do is to separate the decisions we take or simply wait until the next day to give ourselves the opportunity to the think more rationally and soberly.

Make a very short break every twenty minutes

The vigilance and attention mental capacity can be maintained longer, when the brain i recent study published in the journal Cognition.

In this statement lies an important secret: Our mind is not necessarily tired, when we feel that it is removed. When you have noticed that perform better and have more zest for productivity? Locate your “strong times” during the day and work or plan your important obligations then, instead of waste, for example, an appointment with a doctor.

Relax for ten minutes every half hour

While we are awake, our brain works in ‘circles’ high and low standby alternately every ninety minutes. After 90 minutes ‘productivity’, the mind begins to struggle to concentrate, to blur or to “see the tree and lose the forest” to “tickling” hunger, drowsiness and other unpleasant feelings.

A good solution is to work until the moment you feel the above symptoms, and then to take a break. Perform some relaxing exercise, deal with your pet, take a bath, walk or just go out on the terrace.

Allow your mind to relax for a while, to throw yourself then again with high readiness levels.

Take a nap

You know, one of those short naps that you are filled with energy again, even if it lasts a while. Our perception as the day passes continuously weakened, which is why an afternoon nap can increase our memory performance up to 20%.

Return to nature

… And let to revive you. Whether it’s a walk in the nearby park, or the view of the trees from the window or simply for landscape photos on your computer, nature increases the possibilities of attention of our brains without even realizing it.

The chirping of birds, the feel of the breeze blowing, or the view of the sky can offer more than you imagined.,

Book holiday

Do say exactly what the term describes: Stop what you normally do for a long time and try something else on your license, something that does not remind you of the office space, your computer or duties of your job.
If you work for example in a “gray” firm, try on your and technology in a mountain mountain. Your brain will thank you.