15 Simple Tips To Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Because weight loss can be easier than you think!

  1. Use small plates Putting your food in a small dish will feel satiated with the same amount if he sees served in one of these huge dishes like platters will not even fill your eye. The reason is that the brain can link the empty space on the plate with lack of food, so look for more.
  1. Turn off the television has been found from research that people who eat while seeing something on other to choose the most unhealthy foods. When we absorb from what you watch is difficult to keep track of how much we eat, while the break for advertisements are usually full of pictures of delicious, often “forbidden” foods guaranteed to open us more appetite.
  1. Do you lack the snack The first thing that many people decide to escape when they want to lose weight, they are the snacks consumed between meals. But this may actually slow down the metabolism, making weight loss even more difficult. The ideal is to eat five small meals a day (three main and two snacks).
  1. smartly Arrange your closets Place salty snacks and chocolates you have children in the back and front put the healthiest foods, such as whole wheat pasta, legumes and muesli. Does not mean that seeing ahead lentils will forget crisps hidden behind, but as have shown researches, when the “forbidden” foods are left out of our field of vision left and out of our mind, so it is less likely that the look.
  1. Prepare your meals alone do not have to make something complicated, time-consuming or pretentious. But when you eat something that you cook yourself are more likely to eat a little more (the portions of prepared foods are usually higher than normal).
  1. Find alternatives Replace cream with evaporated milk. Instead of butter, use olive oil instead of mayonnaise, yoghurt with little fat. Finally, instead of your favorite drink a cappuccino filter coffee with a little milk.
  1. Make sure you drink enough water Water helps you feel your stomach full and therefore eat less. It also increases seated and did nothing all day) .The lack of water consumption is associated not only with dehydration and obesity with more chances.
  1. Use a variety of spices not only make the food tastier but some, such as cayenne pepper, has been observed in studies to increase metabolism and reduce the desire for fat, thickening foods.
  1. Fill your refrigerator Keep regularly supplies fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat and milk with low fat. If you already have everything you need to prepare an easy, fast, healthy and economical dish, are less likely to order pizza or kebabs for dinner.
  1. Buy blue dishes Surveys have shown that people who use blue utensils tend to eat less, probably because this color makes ugly combination with the color of most foods. Generally, choose any dish makes the food look even more attractive (eg it seemed a piece of pizza in a white or yellow background).
  1. Drink green tea is well known that green tea can accelerate the metabolism and, when its consumption is combined with exercise, helps in fat loss.
  1. Chew gum A koufetaki sugarless gum gives you only five calories and keeps your mouth busy, especially the moments that are likely to start snacking, as are cooking or chatting with a girlfriend in front of the buffet of a social event.
  1. Order your drink in a tall glass Strange as it may sound, studies have shown that people tend to shed less liquid in a tall, thin glass, compared with a low to a large orifice. Take advantage when you drink alcoholic drink to consume less quantity-and therefore fewer calories.
  1. Wash your teeth after every meal is not only good for the health of your teeth and gums, but also reduces the chances to pinch without thinking a cookie from what eats the child or to pinch a bite even as put the remaining food in the refrigerator.
  1. Give in to your “weaknesses” Rather than completely deny your chocolate herself, for example, making it more likely to break a whole when you feel your resistance to flex, prefer enjoying a little now and then. Strict prohibition can make a food more attractive than it is.