20 Beauty Tips From An Expert All The Mistakes You Make!


We all make mistakes but we can always fix it. We will see 20 tips from a make up artist that many women are wrong.

  1. To keep your toiletries in the bathroom is something practical for most women, but it is wrong because the humidity of the bathroom erodes our cosmetic and make them more susceptible to infection by bacteria. Moisture can completely dry out our cosmetics and make their implementation difficult.
  2. Wearing much powder and makes the look unnatural and can make you look and more. The powder is good to be applied onto the foundation to cover imperfections, but much powder tends to penetrate the facial imperfections emphasizing wrinkles and scars.
  3. The liner eye is used to emphasize the eye line and the look. The very eye liner but can close the eye to make it look smaller and unnatural. Instead eye liner you can use shadows to give intensity to the look.
  4. Many times not wear mascara or wear much mascara and both have a negative effect. The mascara emphasizes the lashes but much mascara on lies and stick together. Also when the final result is not wearing mascara is poorer.
  5. The same applies to the waterproof mascara. Many women prefer but the daily application rests the eye and very dry lashes thus weaken and break.
  6. Use the scissors to turn around the lashes after you put mascara. This is a big mistake because that you break and you cut your eyelids and look smaller. Better to turn around first lashes and then put mascara.
  7. Sleep without polish remover, and this is always a negative effect on skin. Clogs the pores and does not let it breathe so facilitate the creation of small infections in the skin and does not leave your skin to rest.
  8. There you clean your brushes thus accommodate over many germs. Also when you wash the brush you use in your makeup to apply the product becomes easier and more uniform.
  9. Looking to find the color that suits you to a foundation using the inside of your wrist. The point that as generally our hand a difference in color from the face thus choose the wrong shade for your skin.
  10. Not quite working your concealer resulting small lines created under the eyes. The best thing you can do is stretch after your concealer to apply it over a little powder in the right shade so it shields the application and will not have this undesirable result.
  11. Also many times you use the wrong color to your concealer. There are two types of concealer one for the area under the eyes where the color should be a tone lighter than your skin and one for the rest of the face where you have to match the color of your skin and have a more matte finish .
  12. You use the wrong color to make up something that makes the result quite unnatural and creates discolorations. He requested the guidance of a special when you choose a make up, and even on-site implementation to be sure of the color.
  13. Keep makeup products very long. Makeup products like medicines and food have life that is applicable from the date open it. Indicative most products have a lifetime of 12 to 24 months in addition to the eye liner and mascara that has a lifetime about three months. Take care to renew your products regularly.
  14. You use the wrong primer relative to your foundation. Yes girls, and there are options and choose everything based products will apply it after. Example if you have a foundation based on silicone and use a primer with the oil base your foundation will not stay in place and leave. Seek the advice of a professional to guide you to the right choice.
  15. You use the wrong color in your eyebrows so again to have an unnatural effect. For dark hair is best to choose one to two tonnes lighter color on the brow pencil while for colored hair select one to two tonnes darker shade, so you will have a natural look.
  16. APPLICABLE wrong lip pencil or not applied at all. The pencil lip not only determines the contour of the lips and make them appear fuller but stabilizes and your lipstick. Proper implementation of the lip pencil is not only the outline must fillings and the inside of your lips by providing a base for your lipstick, but leaving the central point of your lips look so empty your lips more fleshy.
  17. Do not overdo the shadows on the face and the bronze shades. The shades in makeup permit us to form corners of the face but if you exaggerate the result would look very unnatural and you’ll be ready for the Triodion.
  18. Do not wear very foundation because it can be useful to cover blemishes and pimples but the excess will do worse things to give you a false result.
  19. Forget the daily care of your skin. You should never be bored when it comes to skin health, but to wash your face and apply at least a moisturizer daily will give you a glowing and healthy skin and your makeup will pave better.
  20. Finally one of the most basic rules is sun protection. We live in a country where most days have the sun and the sun may irreparably damage the leather. Never forget your sunscreen, even in winter!