3 Ingredients Of The Kitchen That Can Reduce Acne!

reduce acne

Trying to cover acne and pimples, with the right makeup is not an option, especially when you can reduce your own appearance of.

In no we do not like to be all the time in front of the mirror, trying to break and cover pimples and besides, it is the worst thing you can do to address the problem.

There are so many products to cure acne on the body, but of course the person, which is indeed very effective. But the materials that we have in our kitchen, is always the best choice we can make.
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See then how can the reductions in just one week, using the face mask that will see then!

Homemade facial mask to decreases acne in 1 week!

The ingredients you will need are:

1 teaspoon orange zest
2 teaspoons yoghurt
1 teaspoon turmeric

The peel of the orange, yogurt and turmeric, can actually do wonders and reduce pimples in just a few days, it is sufficient to use this mask regularly.

The zest of the orange is rich in vitamin C and the acidic component. Therefore, the ability to kill bacteria and germs that cause acne, making your skin cleaner.

Yogurt on the other hand also has antimicrobial property helps eliminate germs present on our skin pores. While also can and make skin whiter and our skin softer.

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As for turmeric, is another natural ingredient that has the ability to eliminate pimples, reducing inflammation and keeping the skin cells healthy you.

How to fix the mask:

Put all the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and toss the too well, until they become a smooth paste.

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Then apply the mixture to your face, putting a good layer. Let the paste sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse your skin with warm water using a mild facial cleanser.

You can do this process every day if you want to see even faster results!