4 myths About Se-x And Conception To Now Ignore!


Business with pleasure” certainly applies to se-x, for many different reasons enjoyable!

But what if the … beneficial to increasing capture probabilities. And finally how beneficial and effective are some myths … -which move from generation to generation rather by way of … damaged tilefonou- about what are the best ways to have s-ex and enhance your chances to conceive? So here are the four most common myths, urging you now to override them:

Myth 1: You need to have an orgasm to conceive

Orgasm is certainly desirable but not essential. It helps the sperm to “travel” to your fallopian tubes faster and significantly contribute to the contraction of the uterus, which further helps the whole process … but if that does not happen, does not necessarily mean that you have no chance to conceive. Consequently there is no relationship between the female orgasm and conception.

Myth 2: Daily se-x reduces sperm count, so it will be difficult to capture.

Quite the contrary. Surveys have shown that the more often you come into contact, so multiply the probabilities.

Therefore, if you have se-x every day around the day of ovulation you are more likely to conceive than if you do se-x every other day.

Myth 3: The missionary position is the only way to capture

This myth prevailed with the logic that during the contact allows the man deeper penetration and so the sperm is left closer to the cervix. This does not mean that only the missionary position can achieve this. So do not pull the variety out of your se-x life! Remember that it is very essential for your relationship there are moments of passion and fun despite moments of drudgery and monotony.

Myth 4: Lift the feet up after practice

“After contact keep legs raised up, to more easily find their destination sperm” This was one of the oldest rumors. And theoretically may seem true, but in fact the semen is made to move in the right direction after ejaculation, regardless of what position you are. But it would take care of after your intercourse not get up right away, but to stay lying down for a few minutes.