5 Mistakes To Exercise That Do Not Know

Even if Mr.’re daily … frequenter of the gym, if you count the abdominal per 100,

The lift all the weights are making these very common mistakes during your workout is sure to greatly reduce its effectiveness.


do stretching before aerobic workout

Clearly Mr. there is some sort of risk to sit in a layer n to argue back Mr. your muscles trying to touch the fingers of your feet. Sure but quite boring, it consumes your valuable time Mr. ultimately no need to do before your aerobic exercise .The right way to “warm up” your muscles before climb the treadmill or the elliptical machine is to do just that: to climb directly, simply by adjusting to a mild level for the first minute Mr subsequently increasing the volume. so gradually increase your heart rate, preparing to the best way your body for the workout below.


Do … “cervical” instead abs

Yes it sounds strange. But how many of you finishing the sets of your abs do not feel your neck caught? This is because during the gnawing most unconsciously not focused where it should but use the cervical muscles more !!! Make the following trick: before starting your abs push the tongue on the palate. will help you concentrate on directing the volume where it should. Stomach (and belly) Mr no neck!



Use the same weight at every workout

Many women believe that the use of large resistors (weights) equals muscle swelling. Therefore they use a few pounds consistently in every training session, or reject them completely. Yet. If you use the free weights to machines, one or more times a week, should ideally every 2-3 weeks to make a small increase in kilos. If you can do 15 repetitions of these kilos without breath, blush too, are you ready to pass out, the result will be fully satisfactory and you can be sure it will not select in the next casting for searching female Jason Statham !!



Do “normal” foot-aps

Do you think that doing “manly” foot aps (relying on toes) is more effective than the make touching knees. Clearly it is easier. But it is more effective than the anti 8-10 repetitions, make 4 or 5 in a completely wrong technique. A burden neck and your waist Mr ultimately do more harm than good! The next time you foot aps touching the knees, which helps you to better control your spine in a straight line (prerequisite) Mr ignore the primary side of you touching toes blowing Mr puffs satisfied (?) Is almost certain that is wrong !!!!


Limiting training to visible muscles

The exercise is not (only) to impress others with your shapely body, although it is a perfectly understandable motive. If you need to keep the balance in your body, you need to experience as a whole Mr thus to exercise muscles and less visible than their abs, triceps and buttocks. However no more SeaTac abdominal not hurt Mr. everyone can have their own personal “shallow”, “surface”, or not motivated (summer, beach, etc.)!

Written by Youla Gavrili Graduate Physical Education Dimokritiou University MSc in rehabilitation of injuries