Taking Care Of Your Plants

The existence of plants indoors, beyond decoration and beauty,

It also offers significant benefits to the health of people who live in this area. Surveys have shown that most plants “house” (as spathyfyllo the embroider etc.) Clean active and natural air. This article will be given some tips to keep a plant healthy and fresh.

Depending on the type of plant, different and similar care needs, yet will describe some general advice where almost apply to all plants and flowers.

Keep your plant in a cool spot (approximately 20 to 24 degrees Celsius)

Avoid placing it in places that the “ticking” direct sunlight

Avoid placing it in places where it may cause excessive heat or cold (near a radiator, behind a PC / below the air condition)

The plant soil should always cool

Avoid very dark places, the plants prefer natural sunlight. Plants with dense foliage can still be installed in places with relatively less light

Avoid over-watering your plant, especially watering the leaves

If your plant grows and needs larger pot, it is the transfer to take place in the spring or autumn