8 Best Tips For Weight Lose With The Help of You Can Lose Your Weight

Weight Lose
You could never imagine that little bedtime above or chewing gum might help you lose extra pounds?

According to the slimming diet specialists are ultimately more simple than you think. We relied on recent scientific research and offer innovative and simple ideas to slim down! Read that:

  1. Chew Gum!

According to recent research presented at the annual scientific conference on the fight against obesity, the chewing gum before an afternoon meal, we can help us to reduce our cravings when we follow slimming diet. As experts say this is because it promotes satiety. Specifically those surveyed restricted calories hiring of their meals by 25%.


* Prefer sugarless gum not only because it has fewer calories and it does not hurt and your teeth.

* Even better chew mastic that besides great taste and has , the mastic can help fight helicobacter pylori responsible for peptic ulcer.

  1. Do not do anything, just sleep!

According to experts sleep can be the “key” for slimming. Recent Laval University study published in “Sleep” journal which involved 276 adults from 21-64 years showed that those who sleep eight hours a day is more difficult to gain extra pounds.

On the other hand those who sleep less than six hours a day is likely to face an increase in their weight. Specifically within five years may take up to 5 pounds.


* If you can not sleep 8 hours straight can make up the gap with afternoon siesta.

* If you have insomnia after consulting your doctor to get a herbal formulation as example valerian.

  1. Make the diet of the caves!

No we are not proposing to move to the caves or to take the hunt to ensure your food, but eat much like our ancestors. In a study by experts from the Karolinska Institute, created a diet based on eating habits of prehistoric people and asked 14 volunteers to follow for three weeks. All study participants had lost almost two pounds at the end of the investigation. Their diet in that time was rich lean meat, fish, berries and nuts. Furthermore the volunteers showed a drop in blood pressure.

Tip: You can integrate these foods in your diet, but do not forget to follow above all a balanced diet without blocking food groups. As experts say the absence of major food groups to specific diet (eg cereals) can have negative effects on our health.

  1. Your mind on weekends …

Although often follow slimming diets you may have noticed that if you weigh yourself Monday morning you will have some extra Washington most people consume larger amounts of food in the last two days of the week, even when on a diet.

Tip: You can instead go to eat to counter your friends alternative proposals to exit eg coffee, theater, cinema, etc. If you are unable to prevent eating out choose a dish that includes your diet eg fish, chicken or meat.

Refuse politely if the surrounding urge you to try fattening appetizers. Skip dessert and sweet after a meal.

  1. Hold calendar

American scientists have found in recent research that we can lose if you record what you eat every day is easier to adynatisete.To food diary can give you a good idea of what and when you eat and the calories ingested daily. It will help you to limit snacking and correct eating habits to fatten you.

  1. Nostimiste your food

The good food is not fattening! That at least say scientists. A US study spices are added to our food, relish our meal, help us feel faster satiety and thus reduce the calorie intake.

Tips: Discover what spice go with your food:

Beef: bay leaves, marjoram, nutmeg, onion, pepper, thyme, sage.

Pork: pepper, oregano, onion, garlic.

Beef: bay leaves, curry, ginger, oregano.

Chicken: Tzintzer, oregano, paprika, rosemary, thyme, etc.

Fish: Karia, paprika, pepper, dill

  1. Eat slowly

According to recent research the results of which were published in the British Medical Journal on line first is much more likely to fatten when we eat hurriedly than when eating slowly.

According to experts this is because when we eat quickly the brain is not enough time to receive the signal from the stomach that satiety thus consume larger amounts than those actually needed by our body.

Tips: Do not eat in the leg. Avoid eating when you do not have time or when you have to do other jobs in between. chew your every bite. your meal into a small ritual. So your food you will enjoy and lose weight more easily

  1. Un … laugh the scales!

Under new research about an hour of intense laughter is equivalent to about 30 minutes workout with weights. Indeed, the results, as scientists claim, can be spectacular. Within a year frequent laughter can help us lose 5 pounds whole without dietary restrictions. “When I burst into laughter is like¬†¬† Helen Pilser. The study of Dr. Pilser revealed that one hours as possible laughter “burn” about 100 calories, equivalent to a little chocolate.

Moreover, the laughter has other benefits for our body: strengthens the immune system and combats stress.

Exactly what to do:

Apart from the simple things you can do like to see a comedy or hang out with people who have humor you can still watch gelototherapeias seminars. Even if all this does not play a decisive role in weight loss you will definitely feel better.