9 Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It

 Lose Weight

We’ve all tried at times to indulge in a diet to lose extra pounds that plague us.

But many times we are forced to stop the program we’ve started, because disappointed and believe that the goal we have set is unattainable. Adopting a healthy lifestyle based on proper and balanced diet and exercise is the key to success. Below are some tips that contribute not only to weight loss but also in maintaining the new, desired weight.

1) Patience

A very important feature that should be a man who aims to lose weight, if weight loss is a long process.

2) Persistence

There are some criteria that we can separate the physical from the emotional hunger. Physical

3) our people find refuge in food  Separate the physical from the emotional hunger

There are few times more or less breaks in food. Or because we are stressed, either because we berate usually looking for specific foods that are sweet, fatty and salty foods (eg, chips, pastries, etc.). There are some criteria that we can separate the physical from the emotional hunger. Physical hunger increases gradually occurs several hours after a meal, it is general, that is relative to any food and leads to a feeling of satisfaction. Instead, the emotional starvation occurs suddenly, is presented as an urgent need for food consumption is not related to the time elapsed since the last meal, focus on specific food and leads to feelings of guilt and shame.

So if you feel the hunger that you feel is emotional and not physical, find out why you and not on your plate.

4) Exercise

It is not necessary to pay a monthly subscription to a gym especially if money is not left over you. But you can integrate walking into your daily routine to nearby destinations – instead of the car choose to walk or your bike instead of elevators or escalators prefer normal stairs, to go regularly for bathing and swimming in the summer etc.

5) Hot food

Integrate into your diet spices, so you can increase the Food thermogenesis, ie the calories you consume for some hours after a meal. Special or capsaicin, a substance present in hot red pepper, shown by research that promotes  from gastrointestinal disorders (eg. Acid reflux, ulcers, gastritis, etc.) should be consumed in moderation or avoid.

6) Do not forget the fruits and vegetables

Because of their high content of fiber, contributing to the proper functioning of the colon, increase food thermogenesis, and is rich in antioxidants that protect cells from aging and carcinogenesis, after neutralizing the free radicals generated in cells.

7) Water

consumption of about 2 liters is needed per day owing to its hydration, to the transport of nutrients and good bowel function which mostly absorbed. Of course people who exercise should consume more.

8) Not to deprivation diets

Many times, in order to lose weight rapidly, resorting to deprivation diets, which are forced to exclude from our diet foods or food groups (eg carbohydrates) and this results to look forward to diet to end and we start irregularities again.

9) Eat an evening meal rich in proteins

The protein contributes to the feeling of satiety and also increases the Food thermogenesis thus helps burn more calories. Foods rich in protein are milk, eggs, legumes, poultry, red meat and fish.