A simple way to remove a cracked toenail without surgery

Ingredns are nail abnormalities that we do not like to see or feel. It is very embarrassing to detect some incidents in your nails. They will come and go, and they will chase you at the lowest point of your life. Your happiness and excitement can be killed when you discover that you have it. Of course, everyone does not like his presence. What should we do then?

Before these anomalies, it is best to take these steps into consideration to get rid of this incarnate. It’s fast and easy, do not worry.

Prepare the pen and paper and write down these steps.

This is an embedded nail, is not it?

“Ewww” and “Awww!” Do not worry, we’ll get through this. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Get ready! Get ready for some Epsom salt.

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is an inorganic compound that greatly aids in the treatment of medical conditions, including incarnation. Enjoy some crystals in warm water so that your solution is better than water.

Step 2: Take your feet off in warm, salty water.

30 minutes is the magical number here. Soak of this type softens your skin, so it’s more “cooperative” and soft, especially when you need to cut some tissues around the incarnate.

Step 3: Prepare the tools.

This is a war, so you need some armor. What do you need; Tweezers, cotton balls, machines and the like!

Step 4: Cut and lift excess nails and incarnation as well.

Be careful not to complain about much pain. Take some time to clean all long nails to avoid future cavities.

Step 5: Clean a little.

Clean your nails quickly before applying an antibiotic cream.

Step 6: Put antibiotic cream.

As the incarnated area is now exposed, you should apply it to avoid contamination threats.

Step 7: Gently place a small piece of cotton …

in the incarnated area. But do not forget to put some antibiotic cream on it.

Step 8: Cover the entire nail with a clean bandage.

This is crucial. The cloth must also be cleaned. Or, all your previous steps will be useless.