Accustomed Myths About Marriage Love

marriage Love

Just beat some prevalent myths about marriage   and ensure the best conditions for your love life.

6 Reasons to have marriage   today
The Being marriage  y seems to be currently the most sought after feature, which “pulls” more and beauty or what we used to call the beauty of the face and body. “Loves” declares readiness for marriage   at any time, the ability for marriage   without limits, adventurous, fun, ecstatic, unique. Could they be deceptive? In a poll recently published by the German magazine “Stern”, 58% of women and 16% of men surveyed complained that “urges” they is reduced, while in the corresponding poll of the same magazine in the 7 only 8 % of women and 4% of men stated that. And let’s not rush to say “the Germans were cold and cooled more” because in our country seems to be no problem.

We have marriage   or talking about it?
It seems that the atmosphere in the bedroom is rather heavy
Judging from the number of people who visit marriage  and psychologists to help them in a marriage  nature, problems and general problems in their relations with the other marriage  , it seems that the atmosphere in the bedroom is rather heavy. our What’s going on? For while all around us seem to ensure the best conditions to enjoy marriage  , people crowded the offices of specialists? Because they have or because they believe they have a problem with marriage  ? And of course, not only about people whose relations are problematic, no longer love their partner or crisis “if all matter” and -All more such a- for people or couples who say they love each other, that they love their partner and they consider their relationship harmonious and successful.

Always blame stress?
Usually, we search the cause of the “crisis in Love” to the rhythm of our lives. Runs from morning till night, working under stressful conditions, and often quite unpleasant, we are anxious, environment leaves us room to relax, often feel hostile, and when we turn our home, albeit volume- find someone which are in the same situation: tired, stressed, “the cheetah.” Two people with such a mood are difficult to say a word to each other. Let alone feel the tenderness, to show the sensitivity needed to create the necessary privacy, this feeling for a while “exist only we two”, which makes us want and enjoy the presence of the other. But He can not just stress and fatigue that our short out and “scuppering” us our libido. While very often we manage just fine to forget and relax drinking a wine with friends, watching a good movie, doing something that pleases us, it seems not enough to be able to enjoy it on contact and marriage   with our partner. What can be so wrong?

H … fabulous picture
Scientists claim that our most important marriage   organ is between our ears, and is certainly not other than our brains. Consequently, the majority of marriage  problems that make life difficult for the couples is not related to biological-organic diseases, but the way they treat each partner, or both together as a couple, marriage  . It has to do with the images, expectations, requirements, the dreams we have about marriage  , which … nourished by our continual bombardment issues revolve around marriage  , with suggestions on how to get to “zenith” promises unforgettable marriage  experiences and images showing the perfect people, the perfect environment to make the perfect marriage  . In front of this whole story, pales and enjoyable time can be had on our mattress next to our bedside. Could it will be good to demystify a little situation and consider what is truth and what is a lie?

The marriage   of married
It is a myth that marriage   is a synonym of love
One of the biggest lies that are prevalent about marriage  , and what perhaps creates the biggest problems in married couples who have been behind several years of marriage, is the tale that marriage   is a synonym of love, that when two people love each other not can only crave one another, and even then (however, no less than two to three times a week) and that “good relationship” means a relationship with passion, it takes years without being extinguished. The few couples in which case it is merely the exception that proves the rule. Usually, they are couples whose common life presents a particularity: living intermittently separately or somehow retain more autonomy between them. For most long-term relationships, however, the truth is rather that passion diminishes – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Indeed, the most common are that sometime in passion and marriage  tension off completely. The marriage   becomes rarer, less fiery and no longer surprises. Anyone startled by all this will be served in a chase successive relationships, which will fade with passion. But those who appreciate and need the companionship, the certainty and the protection of the “mature” relationship should not panic when weeks without desire for marriage   pass, if -in the more things in the relationship is good if there is interest in the other and live communication. Every couple has their own pace and their own needs, that no “expert” and no “statistics” can not and we should dictate.

Mystika and lies
There are however, minor and “lies” that afflict many people in their relationships. Let’s look at some of them:
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