Aesthetic Dentistry – Health and Beauty at The Same Time

Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful smile. You can treat your teeth, filling, if necessary, or dentures, but a beautiful smile may not have. Beige enamel tint, incorrect occlusion, teeth of jagged teeth work at the water release. Visually healthy teeth will be beautiful and no smile. Now the appearance of human attention. Many scholars believe that attractive people are more likely to receive a well-paid job. If your profession is associated with many people in daily communication, smile and take care in advance.

In this case the help of aesthetic dentistry. Modern methods of dental materials and beautifies a patient smile. The dentist should be not only a doctor but also a designer who is constantly looking for a beautiful smile and his or her patients.

Teeth and a beautiful smile that wish to heal patients with an acute increase in the attention rendered obliged to the aesthetic side of dentistry. If only a few decades ago, the major focused more on restoration of destroyed teeth, dental development, the current level of adhesive used in recent systems and ceramics, which did not stand out from tooth enamel.

Increase the height of the crown of modern dentistry, teeth whitening, teeth or increase the height of the gums, reducing visibility. But above all, know what to do with the beautiful smile.

Metal-ceramic crowns are adjusted to refuse

Such durable and reliable crowns are made of ceramic and metal. Used dental technician has a metal frame, then ceramics apirketebs. The Ghech crowns perfectly withstand the load, but its aesthetic side leaves much to be desired. Metal-ceramic crowns are the main deficiency is that over time antagonist teeth are used. Now artificial crowns of natural shesakhedaoba a zirconium crown.

Correction of occlusion

Braided teeth treatment does not make sense, if a beautiful smile can be achieved. Incorrect occlusion can cause psychological problems as well. The situation can be corrected parentheses – small locking devices, which are attached to the teeth with special glue. Most patients are demanding lingvaluri keys, which are generally invisible to those around us.

Installation Plates

If the front teeth chamotekhilia, can be seen in the old main directions, which are distinguished by the color of the tissues of the teeth, also marked depreciation and other defects, can be improved by veneers – thin plates, which are to replace the Outer layer Of the teeth.