Allowances & Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients

The sickness allowance payable to all directly insured working and have made some period of working

According to their fund and it has been determined temporary disability of Health Committee of the insurer.

severe disability allowance

Under current legislation the allowance given by the Welfare Departments of Municipalities, in many people, uninsured or indirectly insured diagnosed with a disability of at least 67% or more of the Disability Certification Centers (KE.P.A.). The allowance is granted every two months the period set by the Commission.

By the end of that period should be reintroduced from KE.P.A. to renew the disability rate and to reclaim the bonus.


Be Greek citizens or expatriates with Greek identity.
They are indirectly insured spouses and not to get financial assistance for their disability than any other source. Excluded are indirectly insured spouses due to death of the spouse receiving the pension / her so considered directly insured.
They are indirectly insured children (dependents) who do not get financial support for their disability greater the amount of heavy disability allowance.
Children who receive a pension because of prostate parent’s death, to receive an amount less than or equal to severe disability allowance.
They are directly insured not having insurance requirements for retirement from their fund. Excluding those debts because their funds can not get a pension.
Be uninsured and have health care from Providence (booklet wonder).
Receive the preparation of uninsured elderly OGA.

attendant allowance

If you are directly insured / entitled to the attendant allowance or sympathy from your pension fund. The allowance is paid to disability pensioners who are in a situation that requires constant supervision, care and support of another person. With this allowance the amount of pension is increased by 50% and for the period judge KE.P.A.
Allowance paraplegia – quadriplegia or exoidrymatiko

The exoidrymatiko paraplegia – quadriplegia allowance paid to directly and indirectly insured or retired after advice from KE.P.A. (disability rate). If the pensioner receives absolute disability allowance / companion / support and the amount is less than the allowance exoidrymatiko interrupted the absolute invalidity and granted the exoidrymatiko.

Where the absolute invalidity is equal to exoidrymatiko not entitled exoidrymatiko allowance. Payment shall be suspended in all cases where there is a hospital, with the Agency costs in asyliakis form foundations for longer than 30 days. Insured and pensioners Sector and OGA, and members of their families are entitled to a monthly allowance exoidrymatikou if the following conditions exist: judged by the Special Health Commission, that:

Suffering from paraplegia or quadriplegia with a disability of 67% or more even temporarily.

Suffering from myasthenia-myopathy with a disability of 67% or more.
They amputation of both arms or legs or in an upper and a lower end with a disability of 67% or more.
Phocomelia have brought about the same degree of disability in the above case of amputations at both ends.
Suffering from multiple sclerosis cause paraplegia – quadriplegia with a disability of 67% or more.
Suffering from crying feline syndrome.
Suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta, with a disability of 80% or more.
Suffering from osteopsathyrosi with a disability of 80% or more.
They amputation of an arm or leg with a disability of 67% or more, non-prosthetic application.

Have been employed, mainly bread-winning profession throughout the twelve months before the date became disabled in 67% of these diseases at work, for which the person authorized to perform under the insurance OGA or were retired Sector or OGA when suffered their disability is. For policyholders who become disabled by an accident, sufficient employment and be insured of a single day.

Not receiving a pension from any other, except OGA, the source (other than the exceptions mentioned above for retirement and invalidity pensions) or similar allowance or increase of their pension due to absolute disability or paraplegia from any source, including and OGA.

Not treated in terminally ill or asylum seekers or welfare institution character or hospitalized in a mental hospital, with OGA costs or government or public entities

Family members of insured and pensioners Sector and OGA, regardless of their age, have the right to grant a monthly allowance exoidrymatikou parapligias- quadriplegia, if the conditions are fulfilled with elements a, c and d and face, from which derive their right, were either retired Sector or OGA, or epidomatouchos due paraplegia – quadriplegia on the day of application for the allowance or the date of death or insured OGA whole twelve months before the date of application for the allowance or before his death.

Aerotherapy allowance

For 2012 the aerotherapy bonus paid to policyholders (30 days paid leave) or retired due to old age and disability (excluding government) suffering from:

a. TB.
b. from lung cancer or pneumoconiosis.
c. renal failure or renal transplantation.
d. from pulmonary disability rate of 80% in pulmonary disease and
e. who have undergone lung transplant heart and liver.

Beneficiaries INS / tonnes and Col. / objectives that have had a kidney transplant, lung, heart and liver are entitled to the allowance aerotherapy lifetime. The amount of the allowance aerotherapy annually determined by joint ministerial decree interim Finance Ministries and finances – employment and social protection. Especially for 2007 aerotherapy allowance was set at 238 €. The allowance aerotherapy indexed annually.
Payment of aerotherapy allowance will start after publication thereof in the Government Gazette and will last up to six months.


a. retired because of old age, suffering from the above diseases, except in the case d, have a disability of more than 33%.
b. The active insured insurance organizations grant sickness, be subsidized because of illness for these diseases during the period from 1/6/2007 until 31/8/2007, even during part of that period.
c. The active insured insurance agencies do not pay sickness benefits, to provide hospital doctor’s opinion or clinic, concerning the specialty condition, which will certify the condition and continued therapy for restoring health during the above time.
d. If, by the statutory provisions of any insurance organization, administration aerotherapy allowance provided, any amount greater than that defined by this decision, may be paid up to double the above-defined amount, if the financial situation of the agency allows.

Also entitled to an allowance aerotherapy:

Persons simultaneously retiring from the State and any insurance Employment Ministry competence agency and Social Protection, entitled the aerotherapy allowance only by the Insurer.
The aerotherapy allowance. entitled retirees who start their retirement dates back to the period prior to 31/8/2007, the payment of which will occur within thirty (30). days from the notification of the retirement decision.

Not entitled aerotherapy benefit: those who get the allowance from any other source. Those hospitalized, when the costs of hospitalization paid by IKA -ETAM or other safe / party Employment Ministry competence agency and Social Protection or provided in this rent expenses generally or summer accommodation costs if the period for which the above paid benefits, with the largest portion of time, defined by the provisions of par.2v thereof.

Allowance ‘nursing homes’

This allowance is payable to all directly or indirectly affiliated to NAT. Prerequisite Decision disability rate in KE.P.A ..

housing assistance allowance – rent subsidy

This allowance is restricted to those 65 years of age and in addition comply with the following conditions:

Economically weak people or couples living alone.
Uninsured elders OGA.
Those who have no other income to be derived from a pension or work or from another source (other than a pension of OGA and Severe Disability Allowance).
Provide lease agreement between elderly and owner stamped by the tax office.

The application and the documentation is submitted to the responsible welfare office while necessary is to develop social report from Social Worker Welfare.

Child Care Allowance

The child care allowance are entitled to the parents whose children are younger than 16 years and is administered in single parent children (no father). Prerequisite is the economic situation. This allowance can receive it and immigrants with a residence permit but also political refugees who have taken asylum:

children born out of wedlock and their parents and were not recognized by the father,
children born out of wedlock and acknowledged by the father,
children whose father is not alive,
children whose father has abandoned the family,
children whose father has recognized disability of 67%
children whose father is serving his military service,
children whose father is serving a prison sentence,
children whose parents are separated.

social emergency financial assistance allowance

The extraordinary financial support given by the D / Directorate of Social Welfare of the Prefecture where you belong once a year, and in exceptional cases, especially when there are health reasons coupled with poor economic situation and lack of fixed income and other social factors. Along with the request to the Local Welfare Offices prerequisite is research by Social Worker and drafting social report.


Photocopy of identity.
Certificate – doctor / disability of opinion.
Clearing Revenue Service last year or certificate certified by IRS zero declaration.
Certificate of Family Status.
Statutory Declaration where the present economic – marital status indicated in combination with the fact of health disturbance (filling it with the help of the social worker in Providence).