You have always been one step of cancer, heart disease, strokes; Know that it was Fans of that!

I do not ask, “do you drink?”

Instead, I will give you several important points that you can write to a person who opposed your drinking habits. Yes, the next time when someone asked, do not drink, and keep you from having a good time, just share this edition you read about now.

It’s not only the benefits of drinking but lifesaving tips that you should never lose in life. Say that loud, long years and long lives lose if you do not start drinking beer.

But what I want to talk about is that the beer should be brought moderately. If you do not moderately, many diseases will bother you. So, drink beer every day and forget about it. This is some additional benefit.

Genius makes it

According to consciousness and awareness, the experiment was conducted with 40 people. Those who drink beer grapes were unable to solve verbal puzzles faster than those who did not. But he will drink the whole brain completely, then your genius does nothing. Keep your minim and welcome for intelligence!

Beautiful “stool”

Beer, especially with other drinks, is rich in fibers that affect our digestive system. It controls your appetite, which ensures excessive eating. Therefore, it helps to control your weight indirectly.

Cancer risk reduction.

Yes, I can not help it. But if the sun is consumed daily, you can reduce cancer risk by the Mayo Clinic.

Heart Disease Reduction

Block healthy lifestyle site Mayo Clinic says that drinking will moderately reduce the risk of heart disease or die as well. Antioxidants in dark beard also prevents retractable arteries.

Cerebral infarction

It controls the cerebral attack. As is known, ischemic stroke, which is the arteries that are mandatory that the brain is blocked or reduced, which, in turn, reduces blood flow. Do not forget that not everyone will receive the same result. But there is nothing wrong.


Moderate beer consumption promotes risk of diabetic diabetes. Keep in mind that the term “moderate” everywhere refers to this edition means only 12 liquid ounces (355 ml). This does not mean that you can drink all night. If you are 65 years old, you can have 2 cups of beer and 65 years old. Women can, on the other hand, have only one glasses in their life.

Deterioration of bones at the old age, so if you do not want it to happen, drink a daily tufts. And you should know that low bone mineral density is caused by osteoporosis.

Attacks are reduced to gallstones

Only half glass, I know. Beer beer beer is insulting, but this healthy blog requires restricting this loneliness. This will help the drink to reduce gum attacks by 40%. But if the consumption is greater than that, protection is not guaranteed.

Alzheimer’s immunity

The investigation conducted by the University of Loyola Chicago showed that people who have a beer moderately have 23% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who do not drink.

Reduced cholesterol

In parallel to gastrointestinal tears, it also reduces the cholesterol level. The beer made of barley is full of fiber helps keep cholesterol levels important.

Blood pressure

Ladies are just sorry, men!

BAUER says that if women drink beer drinks, they can control their pressure.