Always Radiant And After Cancer

 After Cancer

When a woman is faced with Cancer and chemotherapy first feared that losing the femininity and beauty.

However, it does not mean you have to stop to offer itself the luxury of pampering and makeup

Cancer is the scourge of our times. Daily listening and learning for young women who were hit by the disease. When a woman is faced with Cancer and chemotherapy first feared that losing the femininity and beauty treatments as well as causing changes in the body, but also at its disposal. The loss of hair, skin peeling throwing vertically psychology while those outside the “dance” does not know how to support it.

After accepting the situation, process painful and difficult for both the patient and her loved ones, questions like generated “what wig to choose?” “Which pencils are best suited to enhance the natural shape of my eyebrows?” “We put fake nails? ” “Can I paint my hair?” “How do I deal with the irritation on my skin?”

In these and other questions about cancer respond as I LIVE FOR ME, a non-profit organization to support people suffering from cancer and chronic diseases in an important part of their everyday life, the external appearance. Parallel objective of the association is to help families manage the situation giving courage and optimism in the patient.

On the occasion of the World Day Survivor Cancer the union organizes information event Monday 6 June at 18.00 – 21.00 in Egli Zappeion to raise awareness of cancer prevention and the potential for contributing to the improvement of patients’ quality of life.

To beaute after Cancer

Any woman who is forced to undergo treatment for cancer does not mean you have to stop to offer itself the luxury of skincare and makeup. What we need to do is simply to temporarily change the favorite brand and prefer odorless products for sensitive skin.

Skin Care

* In trade there are many soaps and beauty care for sensitive skin. Ideally soap and shower gel are those based on olives.

* For the peeling can be used comfortably moisturizer. In pharmacies and cosmetics stores easily find odorless products for sensitive skin.

* Even in the pads is a great variety of colors and textures. The choice of a soft and gentle sponge in bright colors such as pink, yellow, green or fuchsia makes the mood in the bathroom.

Tip: The cosmetics should not contain alcohol, fragrance, alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid derivatives, various bleaches,

Nails and makeup

* The nails require special care to stay healthy and to avoid creating inflammation. In the process of care must not cut the foreskin while it is advisable to use moisturizer every night before bedtime.

* The concealer is the ultimate Alliance Ranking to hide dark circles and discoloration.

* Powder, rouge and lipstick will complete the makeup. And in this case it is advisable to use pharmaceutical and herbal products.


Searching the internet I came across in forums and blogs to informed that if the patient being subjected to chemotherapy do not wash their hair they will not fall, something that is simply not true.

* The treatment can be done safely and hair. Good, be sure to use a mild shampoo and a very soft brush in combing.

* It is advisable to avoid staining.

* The dilution points can be covered with clever tricks. Cues and bones of will help you to thoroughly hide the point where the problem is focused.

* However, if at some point dilution is good grow hair cut close and the position of the accessories to take the appropriate scarf or wigz