Summer is a time that helps enough to spend more time with our dog since there are no rains and cold, we have more free time and perhaps able to take the dog with us on vacation.

Unfortunately, the heat can cause many health problems and we must be careful because the hot weather might be fatal to some dogs.

Dogs can not download their temperature as we sweat because basically only the soles! So to be able to cope gasp and since this is a way to shed their high temperature.

First you should know that older dogs, vrachykefalikes breeds (Bulldogs, Pugs, etc.) and dogs with health problems are even more at risk and on days with very hot it is to be in a place with air conditioning or a cool spot in the shade! Nor should we forget that animals with very short hair or the few races without any certain points are also at risk from burns!

Let’s see below some useful tips on hot summer days!

Never alone in the car! We never leave our dog alone in the car, even with open windows! The temperature in the car can rise excessively in minutes even in the shade.

Beware the hot ground. Sidewalks, asphalt, sand … definitely get burned sometime from the hot sand .. the same can happen to your dog’s paws so attention to walks and the points move.

The walks should be limited to times when the temperature is not so high! Prefer the early morning or late evening. In case you need to get another hour then the ride should be short and in the shade!

Water! In all your summer travel you must bring along water and a way to give your dog (foldable bowl etc.).

Shade, shadow, shadow! If your dog permanently left outdoors to make sure that throughout the day there are spots with shade adequately ventilated. If there is the opportunity you to have in place a large bowl or plastic container with water to a cooling at will.

Bandanas! The bandanas are not just style! There are specialized bandanas that he put them in the water (or refrigerated) can cool your dog without wetting it! The same applies to the so-called cooling mats are layers used in the same manner! If you do not have access to a specific product, you can simply soak one bandana, to put it in the freezer and the wear to the dog before the ride!

Signs of heat stroke. You should know the signs that indicate that something is wrong: excessive panting, breathing very fast, more saliva than normal, dark or dark red tongue and / or gums, zigzag, anxiety, disorientation, bloody diarrhea, vomiting. NOT the dog needs to have all the above to be in danger. If you notice any of these you should go to your vet after attempting to take its temperature.

First aid. Rub soles with alcohol, make him lick ice cubes and offer cool but not cold water to drink if he wants and put the cool (not ice) water on his chest and abdomen. Do not wet the head or body at the top after the water at those points may make it more difficult to reduce the temperature….