Atopiko Skin What Is Taken Care Of?

Atopic skin shows eczematous rash, a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, accompanied by intense itching as annoying.

The complications caused by the damage of itching, the appearance staphylococcus, streptococcus, and viruses such as herpes.

Atopic eczema usually first appears in infancy and can last from several months to several years. In some cases, however, it can persist into adulthood. characterized by periods of remission and exacerbation. The distribution of the lesions in the cheeks, trunk, aspects elbow and knee, forehead and vary depending on age. The highest percentage of patients with eczema have family history.

General tips

Do not make a lot of baths a day and do not use very hot water.

After a bath wipe patted the body, do not rub.

And apply moisturizing cream recommended by your doctor.

The clothes that come in direct contact with the skin, is cotton.

When you feel itching Avoid scratching the area because it is likely to be contaminated or create scar on the skin.


In outbreaks administer topical steroids or immunomodulators depending on the time of faults. In cases of transfection coadministered oral antibiotics. In cases of severe itching antihistamines administered 1-2 times a day.

Atopic skin is very sensitive in that dries further, so showers should be quickly and at ambient temperature and with products containing moisturizing regenerating and antipruritic agents. Daily skin must be hydrated with creams containing the above factors.