Basic Exercises For Total Weight

For the development of bodybuilder muscle required to comply with the diet and physical activity.

Physical exercises are a whole load limit during their execution. This produces the hormone testosterone, which gives the order to build muscle, such as the ability of the body this time limit, and you want to expand.

What is a set of exercises

In order to develop these or other muscles requires special exercises that emphasize certain parts of the body. As a result of the systematic repetition of a large load is the formation of musculature. Therefore, they say that an athlete makes the body.

The exercises are basic and insulation. If many involved in muscles and joints, two or more, this basic exercise. In the development of a muscle and a common accumulation becomes the muscle and this technique is called isolation.

The basic working multiple muscle exercises, and developing the complex.

Therefore, these exercises will not replace any simulator. Each system operates alternately simulators, but only a muscle. Therefore, basic exercises with weights is the best choice of the educational process.

The range of power classes athlete includes two types of exercises. But we must not rush things. load increases gradually. For each large weight is one in which the exercises are carried out will not be able to replicate in this approach. Thus, the body is given a signal that the muscle mass is not sufficient.

Average: the right to repeat each exercise eight times and approaches to do it in two minutes. Between one exercise for each muscle group should be a pause for two minutes, too. The duration of training should not exceed one hour. Driving training includes three workouts each week, with each study carried out by a single muscle group.

Complex hip

In this complex work the thighs, hamstrings, buttocks, back. Basic exercises squat with load. This exercise is universal, used by all types of athletes for strength training. When applying pumped all muscles, including the neck.

Perform each exercise deadlift and the same exercise with the rise of the load floor. Simultaneously loading the muscles of the waist and legs.

Running rise on socks, leg extension in D Exercises.

The development of breast muscles

To exercise the chest muscles are primarily from the rod presses is located on a slope.

Employing a large bench type grip when the arms are separated and the rod is lowered to the bottom of the chest.

Besides presses with a barbell, dumbbell exercises are also used to zhimom and playback. Expires sweater activity strength. When you exercise you need to use a lot of weight, or build muscle will not. Weight should be gradually increased with each category.

Basic exercises for back

The muscles of the back, in cooperation with other groups, but their study is required to perform a variety of tasks, including pulling the bar or at the bar. Development get triceps.

Running push rod on the slope. At the same time, be sure to wear a special belt to stabilize the spine. Pushing block behind the head is actively developing the wide.

In addition, the blocks included, vertical and horizontal, and working with weights on the slope.

Development of hands

Basic exercises for the hands include working with the line wide and narrow grip. In a narrow capture important that small fingers do not protrude above the line of the shoulders and elbows to the pole directed along the body. Considered ineffective exercise, if the elbows apart in a corner. Used in this work, and the bar with a French zhimom.

For the development of the hand muscles used presses with dumbbells and working on the bars. Bars are sophisticated shell for an athlete, but the study of the effectiveness of the muscle is high.

Exercises for shoulders

For the development of the shoulder muscle presses used for the head and standing. Moreover, much of the time is given to work with weights. This dilution of shells standing and tilt and pull the chin.

It should be noted that the male and female body building is equally impossible without the use of strength training. But the relief of muscles and their development depends on the right choice of exercises and load. Moreover, the same exercise can be used to reduce weight. It all depends on the use and the loading process.

Development of the press

Forging exercises each session ends, because without this proper growth can not work with other muscle groups. Special exercises will twist assemblies. Raising the legs in a vice and raising the torso to the Roman chair is especially pressing techniques.

It is necessary to warn that the pain in muscles after intense workouts – a normal phenomenon. Overcoming the pain during the next workout will only add to the production of testosterone, and build muscle will accelerate.

How to start work on the creation of a body

Beginners must understand that bodybuilding – a lifestyle. Proper diet, exercise, and recovery should create a system. For starters, you can work at home using a horizontal bar, dumbbells and weights. Thus, it is necessary to follow the rules, not to damage the health and get a result.

Lessons should be no more than an hour, three times a week. Upon approach to the projectile, all the mice should be preheated set of exercises, preheating. A training session is dedicated to the elaboration of a complex of muscles, but be sure to include the final stage of pumping media.

Using dumbbells and weights should continue to gain weight. Conduct training is part time, so that the body is preparing for classes. Necessarily should be a morning daily charge without using weights.

Thus, it is necessary to arrange a proper diet by eating at least 5 times a day. The food should contain sufficient protein to build muscle. We should not forget the water balance of the body.