Beauty And Diet Tips For Cancer Patients

 Cancer Patients

Cancer has no boundaries. In every corner of the world, women in the first hearing he feels anguish feelings, fear – perhaps anger – and this is normal.

Beginning of chemotherapy or radiotherapy will see their hair fall, skin and nails to deteriorate. But there are ways to address and overcome these side effects of the treatment and these ways and for the diet that should follow, will have the opportunity to inform women suffering from cancer within the first Balkan Meeting on the prevention of breast cancer, organized on 18-20 October, the Association of Women with breast cancer prefecture of Thessaloniki “Alma Zois”.

The hair loss is not permanent

“Hair loss can occur during chemotherapy, the hair and face, may fall eyebrows and eyelashes. You may even fall and hairs present in the body, e.g. underarms, legs, the pubic region. The hair, however, usually reappearing in six to eight weeks after completion of therapy, “says ANA-MPA beautician Dimis Koulistanidou which tomorrow (15.00-17.00 on Al. Fleming 10) as part of the Balkan Meeting will give free beauty tips to women with cancer.

“Some who after chemotherapy lose all, many or most of their hair choose to wear turbans, scarves, hats wigs or hair pieces. Others leave their heads uncovered depending on whether they are at home or in a public place. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice. Do what you feel comfortable for you. Losing hair from the head, face or body can be difficult to accept. Feeling anger or depression are common for all those undergoing treatment and is perfectly normal. The same time remember that this is a temporary side effect “adds Ms. Koulistanidou.

Beautiful and without hair

What should and can make a woman to take care of the skin hair and nails during the first year of chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

“For hair care recommended to use a soft brush. Caution, however, to avoid excessive brushing and pulling of hair and hairstyles like braids and ponytails. Also avoid clips, the Eyelets and tweezers as well as the paint, the sheen, sprays and foams rigging. Instead of spray or foam can be used beer or lemon juice. We recommend using soft shampoo and softener and drying by dabbing with the towel without rubbing and avoiding drier “replied Mrs. Koulistanidou.

Alongside recommends: haircut hair because short hair look thicker, use sunscreen, hat or scarf to protect the head from the sun or from the cold.

“Get the wig or your Toupees before you lose a lot of your hair.

So you combine the physical quality and color of your hair on your wig. Refer to special stores for cancer patients to buy or borrow. Get your wig to your hairdresser or your retailer for the styling, color and hair cut to frame your face naturally. Learn about the coverage of your insurance fund you are entitled, for the cost wig, artificial breast, special bra etc. due to cancer treatment,

Tips for skin care and nail

For skin care recommended lukewarm shower or quickly cool baths with mild soap, use of moisturizing lotion, avoid antibacterial products and products with vitamin C is acidic and cause flaking and perfumes, deodorants antiperspirant, oils and general body products with high essential oil content.

Mrs. Koulistanidou propose shaving with electric motor, using corn starch instead of powder, avoiding activities that cause sweating, avoiding the use of heating pads and tight clothing. Says still ‘no’ in the sun for a time after chemotherapy or radiation, solarium, massage with hot volcanic stones and any warm care as well as treatments in aesthetic workshops that include cleaning, peeling and every kind of hair removal . They can, however, become mild skin treatments in aesthetic, a careful makeup to cover the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes using planted.

For nail care recommends to cut close without deduction of the cuticle, avoiding technical or nail strengthening them with acrylic or gel and use of therapeutic nail varnishes which contain 1-2% formaldehyde solution is just the tip of the nail without coming into contact with skin or cuticle.

Cancer and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a very important role in preventing and during illness.of 30% of cancer cases in Western countries. Good nutrition is a powerful weapon in fighting cancer and any other illness. Why good nutrition during cancer can increase the chances of survival, “says dietitian -diatrofologos Maria Karabali.

But what happens when someone is afflicted with cancer and make treatment?

Anemia, and depletion of protein and body mass. The effect of the disease on the metabolism begins early, before weight loss. The metabolic pathways used by tumor cells is insufficient compared to the pathways of normal cells and require additional nutrients and core proteins. These tumors are characterized by continuous increased need for glucose. The disorders in the metabolism of proteins related to the provision of sufficient amino acids to tumor growth. Cytokines, substances secreted by the immune system as a response to the tumor, are mediators serious syndrome of cancer cachexia and affect metabolism by mechanisms similar to those of sepsis and inflammation. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy cause disturbances in nutrition, “explains Mr. Karabali.

Nutritional needs of cancer patient

Adequate intake of energy and nutrients during the treatment and rehabilitation will help the patient maintain weight and avoid potential nutrient deficiencies, says Ms. Karabali and adds:

The basic nutritional goals for patients with cancer are: maintaining the right weight and the choice and consumption of healthy foods that provide the body the energy and nutrients needed to cope.

Sometimes, cancer changes the way the body uses the nutrients hires. These changes may be due to the body’s response to the tumor in treatment effects to some drugs or a combination of all the above factors.

“It is not uncommon to see changes in the way your body metabolizes sugar or blood sugar levels. It is possible that you may experience hyperglycemia. Common vitamins and trace element deficiencies observed in cancer are: folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, calcium. In this case, it may be appropriate taking supplements with vitamins and minerals. With the help of such supplements can ensure the intake of the recommended daily dose of important nutrients.

Current also Meal replacement liquid which additionally cover the needs for proteins. Proteins are necessary as significantly strengthen the body but must be consumed in excessive amounts. Also, any food supplements should not be taken in large doses exceeding the daily recommended amount. Excessive intake of such substances can adversely affect the therapeutic effect of some chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy. The nutrients you get from food is likely to benefit you much more than dietary supplements, “says Mr. Karabali.

Foods that are considered allies in cancer treatment is oily fish, carrots, red and yellow peppers, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts mushrooms, tomatoes, the egg yolk, broccoli, garlic, beetroot and legumes.