Beef or Locusts? For Weight Loss Recipes Tips

Okay, for us Westerners the choice is obvious, but experts say insects can worthily repair meat and fish.

The insect eating could provide the very or more iron and other nutrients linked to beef according to research published in the Register of Agricultural and Vegetable Chemistry.

The study examines how the nutrients, especially iron, provided by grasshoppers, crickets and other insects can be compared with those obtained from the meat. It concludes that the two sources of nutrients although completely different can be compared and insects can fill the nutrient gap nutrients generated thanks speech, with a strictly vegetarian diet.

Edible insects can not be opened to our appetite, but included in the diet of many people around the world. More than two billion people have insects on their menu and it is estimated that edible insects worldwide amounted to 1,900 species.

The fact that insects are a good cause of protein is already proven, but if you really directed our diet to insects would have to prove that they contain and more nutrients.

Based on a laboratory model of the human digestive system researchers analysed grasshoppers, crickets and various kinds of worms to find that contain different proportions of iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Thus could provide a nutritional solution that would worthily replace meat.