Better Care For Women With Breast Cancer 

Breast Cancer

Nicosia: It is necessary that all Member States of the Council of Europe take.

The necessary steps to ensure the best care standards for all patients diagnosed with breast cancer, said among other MP Stella Kyriakides, presenting today in plenary of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (KSEE) the report and the draft resolution on the best services for breast cancer. Mrs.

Kiriakidou is the head of the Cypriot delegation to PACE and presented the report as draftsman of Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development. As stated in the House press release, Ms.

Kiriakidou stressed that there are still many places in the world, including states – Council of Europe, where there are still large disparities and where women still do not have access to optimal treatment and care .

Therefore, he stressed, it is necessary that all Member States of the Organization take the necessary steps to ensure the best standards of care for all patients diagnosed with this disease.

The aim of the report pointed to highlight these issues and ensure that the Member.

States of the efforts CoE aimed at reducing disparities and inequalities, so that hundreds of thousands of women, men and families whose lives are affected by the disease to receive the level of care they are entitled, as determined by the Resolution on Cancer Breast EU in 2002 and 2006 and the Charter of Patients’ Rights. Mrs.

Kyriakides said he still needed to be done, since there are still large disparities in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of breast cancer between and within different countries.

He also said that the pink campaign for breast cancer is a life attitude, through which we create the framework, we break the silence and prejudice and give the impetus for change.

The President of PACE Anne Brasseur congratulated Mrs.

Kiriakidou both her personal involvement in that regard in the race given to fight the disease and patient support, and to break the silence and prejudice around the subject.

The resolution passed unanimously by the Assembly calls, inter alia, all the Member States of the Council of State

To place the issue of the fight against breast cancer at the top of their priorities in terms of health, but also to provide integrated and quality diagnosis, treatment and specialized care for people with breast cancer, according to the standards and directives already adopted at European Union level.

It also invites the countries of the Organization as ensure that all patients with breast cancer have total access, wherever they reside, to correct and secured forms of diagnosis and treatment in therapeutic units connected with national relevant monitoring programs in accordance with European specifications to encourage the ,The resolution also calls on all countries of the

Organization, as set as illegal any form of discrimination against people suffering with breast cancer, particularly in regard to employment and insurance. also calls on member states to encourage researchers, organization’s member countries for this disease as well as to develop cooperation channels in order to further understand the disease, improve the methods of diagnosis and treatment to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life of patients, leading to the discovery of treatment for breast cancer.