Breeding Canaries Care And Tips

Breeding Canaries

Since ancient times and with the passage of time man has created the need to tame animals, which he called pets in order to cover industrial activities of people.

Some, however, are domesticated in order to offer us and offer them companionship, love, friendship, protection etc. So among the pets that accompany us, they held a special place in our heart is the birds.

One of the most famous and most beautiful of these is the canary. The factors which have so much demand Canaries is the relatively low price of the beauty that has the melodious voice, quick domestication and the undemanding care and diet. Also the wide variety of canaries of colors, designs, breeds allow the future owner the option of a bird according to requirements and taste.

In this issue, we will try to give you some information through our experiences on reproduction canaries. The effort of breeding these birds are a pleasure for many. Playback is something relatively easy that everyone can apply it. Following then, step by step all the instructions that will develop below, you get the result will justify your efforts and your efforts and will make you very happy that you multiply these beautiful birds.

The main objective when choosing a pair of canaries is the excellent health of both birds. So choose a pair which will take care of their vividness, the chirping of arsenic, the purity of the wings and their feet, and purity of the area where they mate and reproduce. It is important to take care of our Canaries not show symptoms such as cloudy eyes, soiled feathers, the wounds in the legs, flakes, lack of liveliness and indolence. What we should not forget in this process is certainly the purity of the cage and comfort, the supply of fresh water and clean food, health Sand, gyp saki or cuttlebone for the beak of birds and various and vitamin delicacies that will be necessary this space for birds such as pastels, vitamins, apple, fresh grass, etc.

Once we have them all above the mating process can begin, and very important is to try to follow some tips that will develop your following the successful result is the following:

  1. a) take care to first put the male bird in a mating cage and later the female, 4-6 weeks earlier than the mating season (preferably in March). This is to ” firing ” as we say and get to know each other birds, and of course helping more fortified foods, extra vitamins, and egg food. The first time the couple separates a grid located in the middle right of the cage. The matrix that is removed after 2 or 3 weeks of acquaintance and then observes courting the male to the female.
  2. b) In the middle of March begins the breeding period and place them in the cage hair, thread or other material to build the female to the nest. We take care to choose a quiet corner where you will not disturb and will not often move it so as not to frighten. If all goes well in the space of a week or so, the female will build the nest and are ready to lay their eggs. He lays 3-6 eggs, every day one. During this time the spray nest and the area around it with pseiroskoni for avoiding akaraion. Many breeders eggs beget the female pick another point where they put cotton to maintain and replace them with artificial (plastic). After the birth of the last egg to put it all together again in the nest. This process aims to group birth and development of the chicks on the same day as the birth of differences between them often proves fatal for children. After 14 days we will see emerge the first small and stretch their heads to the feed by their parents.
  3. c) Once born chicks what we must see is the additional feeding birds with egg sfychtovrasmeno or egg food (the egg food is a better choice because the egg breaks down much faster than the heat and smell, while becomes poison for chicks). Vitamins, Apple, and greenery would be a good supplement after the first week the chicks. In recent years is a very large variety of products in terms of feeding canaries and not only, which can be purchased from specialty stores Pet Shop.

After the first 20 days will begin their first chicks fluttering in their area.

Alongside the couple will start again to flirt and wants to mate again. If we want to continue playing, then we only have to put a second nest and material on the other side of the cage with the same procedure. The female will start with the same interest and care to build the nest, while with the male will constantly feed their young until fully developed.

Small to remove the cage and the care of the parents after the 28th week. The new space will be the place to look is quite comfortable. The breeding process for parents continues and if we continue to take care of hygiene and diet, then we will have two or three successful litters that will be a good result. The breeding season is quite exhausting for the two birds, you might want to let them rest and get stronger after their attempt. Young canaries after a 2 month or so, we will observe that shed their original plumage and acquire new, more beautiful, bigger and shiny feathers.

After completing this process, the pride and the thrill will be intense feelings you feel about this new experience. So having acquired a large number of descendants of both our initial canaries, we return the new year with enthusiasm and probably with most new couples.

We hope all the information developed above to find useful and wish you success in your attempt to reproduce these beautiful birds. It would be good that you have questions on the subject to contact the retailer of the Pet Shop of your neighborhood.