Care Of Students In Universities Reproduction

Care of students in universities and colleges, as institutions can not meet the increased needs created and forced to “fesonoun ‘hospitals after failing to pay hospitals, doctors or medicines they need students.

Currently only the TEI of Athens and Piraeus owe to various hospitals 150,000 euros and 120,000 euros respectively and, as they say their administrations will not pay for the dramatic decrease in their budgets prevent them to bear this cost.
This issue was also raised at a meeting held at the Ministry of Education on the economic problems of the university.


TEI presidents and rectors universities have notified the matter to Andreas Loverdos, asking issued Presidential Decree which provide that medical and hospital care in 2015 were funded by the National Health System.

And as if these arrive, institutions complain that they face (even individual) fraud on the part of some students use their booklets to other people, especially their relatives, so charging universities with large sums.

The university is obliged to insure students who do not have private insurance or their parents. Until 1-2 years students seeking relevant booklet by institutions was minimal (5-10 people in each institution), but now, as emphasized in the ‘Nation’ administrations of institutions, must serve extremely high number of students.

This issue is of serious concern to the institutions that anyway with difficulty paying their fixed and operating costs and, as they say, do not want that there have been and controllability medical certificates.

Letter sent a few days ago the Ministers of Education, Health and Finance and the President of the TEI of Athens Prof. Michael Bratakos, which among other things calls for the issue of a Presidential Decree for the inclusion of all students in the.

NHS and highlights:

Spending on health care benefits are charged to the budget of TEI Athens instead funded by the NHS.

As you know, the financial crisis has led to a dramatic reduction in the Foundation’s budget by about 65%. At the same time, have grown rapidly (by + 259.81%) between the years 2011-2014, the medical and hospital care costs in the

Foundation students.

Expenditure specifically for 2011 expenditure was 46 187 in 2012 was 50 779 and in 2013 was 79.991. For the year 2014 have risen to 82,000 euros and is expected to exceed EUR 120.00. Consequently we ask additional grant of 120,000 for 2014 and at the same time to speed up procedures so that specific costs in 2015 be funded by the NHS.
What about healthcare

The right to health care (medical and hospital) is provided to all students of AEI, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral candidates who have no health insurance. H healthcare students is free. The treatment is provided in the second position of the hospitals or clinics on the basis of the rates normally applied each time for civil servants. The costs of health care covered by the budget of the University or the Student Club.

H health care of students includes: medical examination, hospital examination, medication, paraclinical examinations, home exam, births, physiotherapy, dental care and orthopedic products. They do not cover the costs for: hearing aids, basic medicines, medical equipment and instruments, corrective lenses in excess of EUR 3 and contact lenses in excess of EUR 15, eyeglass frame in excess of EUR 6, cosmetics, balneology, remuneration exclusive nurse and plastic surgeries.

Each student may hold the individual health care booklet. The booklet issued to the student upon his request to the secretariat of the section and where he has not selected another insurer. The strength of the book is updated annually by the.

Section secretariat.
If the student is entitled directly or indirectly by another healthcare insurer may choose the insurer prefers whenever a solemn declaration made by the University. Then the cost will be borne by the insurer selected by the student.
If the insurer only covers hospital and medical care or part of hospitalization expenses, the University or the Student Club covers the remaining costs.

H-hospital care provided in hospitals NPDD preferably in university clinics. H care may be provided in hospitals NPID institutions or in private clinics.
We arrived to owe 150,000 € in hospitals
As stressed in the “nation” the president of TEI Piraeus Vryzidis Lazarus’ past our students not seeking insurance. Now applications have risen sharply and we are obliged to insure their students who are uninsured.
In previous years we had a EUR 15-20,000 a year for this purpose again to spare us. Now we owe 150,000 euros to hospitals and of course there is no way to pay them.

This issue is very serious and you can not physically close your eyes to serious cases, such as for example a child has to do dialysis and asks us booklet. What to do; Do not we? But this costing us 1,500 euros per month.
We also student incident had a very serious car and he overcame the problem, makes rehabilitation. The hospital asked us 32,000 euros. Neither this paid “and adds:

As stressed in the “nation” and Mr. Gregory Tsaltas, Rector, Panteion University, «there is an increase in demand for healthcare students. I can not say with certainty where it is due.

But obviously parents can no longer meet their children’s needs.
Eligible students have grown enormously and we have much more evidence from hospitals and doctors. We yet we pay the amounts for the fees of the students, but that burden our budget, which is reduced and now we can meet. ”
On his part, the president of TEI Athens Presidential Decree to immediately clarify the matter. We, if we have for example, two kidney patients and some students with autoimmune diseases, which are very expensive drugs will exploding our budget. “