Care Professional Voice

Care Professional Voice

The following tips are addressed to all those interested in the proper care of their voice.

Hydration: It is very important to drink plenty of fluids daily. But beware in caffeinated and alcoholic drinks because they cause dehydration so general and especially in the vocal chords which should at all costs be avoided.

As an alternative proposed to drink non-caffeinated beverages the different drinking a glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink. Sometimes the use of a humidifier will help hydrate. Another point that voice professionals should watch is air travel and this is because the air inside the plane is very dry. In this case, drinking up to eight (8) glasses of soft drink for each flight hour, will help avoid dehydration of the vocal cords.

“CLEANING” NECK: The neck cleaning attempts, due to the presence of excessive amounts of mucus, the most frequent, such habit, causing injury to the vocal cords, and should be avoided as much as possible.


Antihistamines: Usually used to treat allergic rhinitis, but cause great dryness of mucous membranes, which, as already mentioned, should be avoided. Alternatively we can only use cortisone nasal spray, which effectively and is in the treatment of allergy and dryness of the vocal cords do not cause.

Analgesics: Aspirin and its derivatives and other NSAIDs, may cause microhemorrhages and it is good to avoid. Instead, these may be used paracetamol (Depon) as an analgesic.

Mucolytic: The use of mucolytics substances assists the fluidization of viscous mucus and in this way promotes the expulsion of the loops. Recommended especially in singers who suffer from thickened secretions, postnasal drip and forced to “cleanse” is often their neck – Contraceptives: The use of contraceptive preparations containing progesterone as the main component should be avoided as it may cause “andropoiisi “the female larynx resulting in the loss of more music and vocal range.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: The reduction of the acid content of the stomach into the esophagus and throat, it is particularly common in singers and deteriorates in stress situations and in cases of late supper meal. The use of any of the widely commercialized antacid, avoiding 3-4 hours meal making bedtime and rising of the head of the bed by 20-30 cm.

Avoiding smoking !!!!!!

Proceedings vocal hygiene measures:

Maintain good general condition

pretty resting

If the cold laryngitis immediately consult a specialist

often work out

Maintain a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods

Maintain proper hydration of the body, drinking 7-9 glasses of water a day

Avoid drought that creates the air indoors

Avoid breathing polluted air

Practical ways voice usage:

Learn to use your voice with the least possible effort and tendency

Do not speak for a long time, avoid long phone conversations, give time to rest your voice during your speech

Avoid speaking or singing then close to the limits of your vocal range

“Preheat” your voice before singing the speech in bright tone

Give time to your voice rest after.

Avoid the screams, the screams, the loud laughter and constant neck cleaning attempts

Avoid talking in noisy environments

Suppress your cough and try to ptarnistheite “soft” and not noisy

Avoid creating strange sounds with your voice

Do psithyrizete.To whispering worse from talking

Use the right ventricular diaphragmatic breathing

Begin each sentence with speech expiry

Make a pause in the middle of the sentence and breathe again

Maintain a smooth and correct way of speaking with correct articulation

Give time to the face and jaw relax – “Press” fit your voice

Speak with the correct speech speed

Provide flexibility in your voice