Care Tips For Clothes

General Care Instructions Machine Always follow the instructions on garment care labels.

Do not overfill the dish.

Better to wash clothes inside out.

well dissolve the detergent to avoid creating stains.

In colored clothing, avoid the first washing be done by hand. If done by hand soaking prohibited

Some clothes that look that “gathered” to wash shrink to their original dimensions after ironing (eg modal 100% or 100% viscose)

To keep your lingerie gently, avoid dry drying and excessive sun exposure.

To be your underwear always like new, use natural detergent dissolved properly


To avoid washing at high temperatures and can always spread in a horizontal position to maintain the form.


Cotton is resistant to iron and spin enough not washed at very high temperatures.

Artificial fibers

The colors in this fabric category indelible. Recommended washing and ironing at moderate to low temperatures.

Basic Textile Fibres

Natural fibers (plant and animal)

Cotton: It is the most important textile fiber. It offers comfort, aesthetics and a high moisture absorbency.

The Cotton (generally natural fibers) have general characteristics that can barely change. but classified in relation to the length (long fiber, medium or short), the fineness and maturity of fiber variety and country of origin as a result there are different categories (pennie, carded, openend etc.). The company used pennie (combed) yarn with very good properties as to grip, comfort, strength and behavior in the plot and dyeing

Microcotton: Thread 100% cotton that receives special treatment before the plot. Passes by a special flame “burns” fluff and enhances the appearance and behavior of the fiber: a smooth, glossy surface without fluff and “kompakia” after washing

Wool: high moisture absorbency, high elasticity and comfort. Good natural insulation keeps the body warm

Physical Multilateral Regenerated Cellulose fibers (Edited Fibres)

Vamboo: Natural fiber, soft feel, high tear strength and high moisture absorbency and feel drosias.Fysiki protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Viscose: Manufactured by a natural polymer, cellulose, which is obtained from wood. Fabrics made of viscose dyed and printed with bright chromata.Megali moisture absorbency and a pleasant and soft feel

Modal: Manufactured from natural polymer, cellulose, obtained from beechwood. Similar fiber with viscose with greater resistance to tearing, the fabric gives dimensionally stable after washing and soft silky

Tencel: Manufactured by a natural polymer, the cellulose obtained from eucalyptus wood. Similar fiber with viscose and modal prevents bacterial growth. It gives a sense of coolness and freshness while balancing the pH of the skin.

Synthetic Polymer Fibres (Organic compounds polymerize)

Polyamide: high resistance to tearing and abrasion. High elongation and easy care

Polyester: high resistance to tearing and trivi.Megali elasticity and a low tendency to curl.

Polyacrylate :: Touch similar to wool manufacturing light and warm yarn, easy to use

Elastane: high elongation without breaking. Used in small amounts on a fabric elasticity requirements

Plot Threads

Knitted fabrics are fabrics to create their construction loop required. The production is accomplished by the coupling of two successive loops one inside the other.

Main strands:

  • Sock (single jersey)
  • Reap (rib)
  • Interlok (interlock)

Other webs based on the main

  • Punto di Roma (winter pajamas and homewear)
  • Sweat (winter pajamas, homewear and beachwear)
  • Towel (for beachwear)

Sock (singlejersey): The simplest yfadoplektou structure. Knit with single needle series (Single Jersey). It has two sides that are different from each other (good and backside) .Metria elasticity manufactured underwear, summer and winter pajamas

Reap (rib): Manufactured with two rows of needles (diplako). Both sides of the knit are the same, similar to the good side of kaltsas.Megali elasticity. With modifications that can be made on knitting machines created various subcategories Reap 1CH1 (straight weaving), 2X2 Reap (striped ypsansi) etc. Manufacture of underwear, pajamas summer.

Interlok (interlock): Manufactured with two rows of needles (diplako) .The structure consists of two fabrics rip.Oi two sides of the braid are the same, similar to the good side of kaltsas.Metria elasticity. Manufacture of winter pajamas and homewear.