8 Nutritional Tips To Keep Your Weight

Christmas in two days. Social invitations multiply, the tables are full of food and it is almost impossible not to “get away”, at least nutritionally.

On the other hand, especially in this difficult economic season, the psychological need to “bleed”, as this means the everyone is strong and needed from us.
The food, especially in our country, is part of our social culture, and table clamping point of human relationships and family meeting core. For this, so special these celebrations should celebrate as it should, without guilt. We can comfortably enjoy the Christmas dishes, entertain without finding ourselves at the end of the holiday with extra pounds.
Dr. Maria Ath. Psoma Physician-Bio pathologist, Ph.D. The university of Athens, explains what must be careful:
1. Two days before and two days after Christmas, we may want to follow a strict nutritional detoxification. But beware. Not froutotherapeies montages chemical diets. These are diets that clearly slimmer, but all that achieves is to lose fluids consumed muscle tissue, fall metabolism, and exhausted nervous system. You need a balanced diet. Four to five meals, to maintain a stable blood sugar.

2. Drink plenty of water. We are 70% water and if we do not drink enough, nothing can function properly. The skin dries, causing constipation, metabolism drops, hungry then and can be created and signs of dehydration, such as dizziness and weakness. Personally, I recommend at least 8 glasses of water and does not count other beverages. Especially caffeinated, causing diuresis and stimulate the nervous system. Before every meal, drink two glasses of water. This will stimulate their tasoupodocheis stomach and safe easier. Even during lunch, allow drinking, provided they do not have gastrointestinal problems.

3. Before and after the holidays, consume green tea. Detoxifies, it is an antioxidant and stimulates the basal rate of metabolism. If you do not like at least drink any beverage, sage, chamomile, mint, burning bush.

4. Even in the days of the holidays, start with a good breakfast. This will avoid hypoglycemia after and be more careful. The ideal is a yogurt with probiotics, unrefined muesli, and egg. If you are away from home, keep it the main meal and simply pinch the rest who can not resist such as croissants, cakes etc.

5. In the main meal, even if you are facing a buffet, always start with a lot of salad, enough to avoid rich sauces. Combining with some meat or fish, as they are cooked, enough to avoid the sweet and rich in fatty sauces. On the other dishes just try and you will realize that even a small amount will be satisfied if you already have eaten the salad with your meat.

6. If you want some sweet, consume a small amount after your meal rather than between, and certainly never on an empty stomach.

7. Do not stay hungry all day to eat what you want in a festive table. The only thing you will achieve will be frustrated to hypoglycemia and do not control what you eat at the table. I suggest one hour before each call to eat some snacks (fruit, yogurt, some cheese or 4 slices of turkey with a whole nut).

8. Attention to alcohol. Also never drink on an empty stomach. Avoid the cocktails, which have much sugar. Drink 1-2 glasses of wine or champagne during the meal. For every glass of alcohol drink two glasses of water. But if you take away an aspirin before bed to avoid a hangover the next day. Next, do not drink it all, drink lots of water and a multivitamin Christmas 2017  .