Cucumber and Hygienic Properties

Cucumber and Hygienic Properties

This summer vegetable has many properties and health benefits for your body, mainly because of the large quantity of water it contains.

The calorie content is very low, which occurs very frequently in diets. Also, it is refreshing and has many nutrients. Learn about the benefits of cucumber in the article below.

The characteristics of cucumber
It is a food with a low calorie and low carbohydrate. It has a sufficient amount of fiber, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, and is much moisturizer as an amount of 100 grams only 13 calories and 97% water.

With respect to minerals, cucumber is a vegetable that is very rich in potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

You can eat them raw in salads, many people cut into slices and sprinkle with salt to get rid of the bitter taste on. It is also very common to eat pickled cucumbers in vinegar or oil. Salads you can eat grated cucumber and as an ingredient in sandwiches. For example, in Spain, the cucumber is known as one of the components that make up a typical dish: gazpacho (with tomato, pepper, garlic and olive oil).

The land on which it was born cucumber is said to be India, but this is uncertain. It has been developed in Western Asia for 3000 years and probably brought to Europe by the Romans. It belongs to the same family as watermelon, muskmelon, and pumpkin. Although considered herb, cucumber is actually a fruit.
What is the usefulness of the cucumber?
The high nutritional value of cucumber makes it a “super food” and very beneficial to your health. These are some of the benefits of your cucumber if consumed frequently:

Properties of cucumber helping the skin: The skin of cucumber used in various aesthetic treatments because in this part of the vegetable are at higher concentrations of caffeic acid, ascorbic acid, and vitamin C. It will keep the skin healthy, will relieve irritation and help reduce inflammation. For this reason, the cucumber can be applied directly to your skin and is a timeless component in the process of spa and beauty treatments for your eyes. The cucumber can also help fight diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The cucumber is not only good for the skin for outdoor use, but you can eat by making a smoothie which will add grated cucumber, a little water, and half lemon juice. This will help in cleansing and detoxify your body.
Properties of cucumber help tissues: One of the components of the cucumber is silicon dioxide, which has many health benefits. This is a metallic mineral that has the ability to boost your body’s connective tissues or in other words, your muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, even your bones. It helps to keep the skin healthy and therefore is an ingredient in many creams for the treatment of acne and various skin diseases.
Properties of cucumber that These three ingredients help in lowering blood pressure.
Properties of cucumber to help digestion: If you have digestive problems such as acidity or bloating in the stomach, do not hesitate to eat cucumber, because it will give you fiber, water, potassium, and magnesium, all of which are located in the skin and helps in digestion .

The other advantages of cucumber consumption:

It is a great diuretic, because it is almost entirely of water, making it ideal to get rid of excess fluid (retention) and fat from the body

It is good to balance the levels of uric acid and is recommended for people who have hypertension or fluid retention.

It is a food rich in cellulose and that is why we need to chew properly to prevent indigestion
It is a good food that helps in the repair and reconstruction of mucus in your gut, which also makes very good for protecting your stomach.
It has very low caloric value, which helps you to maintain your vitality and also reduces the amount of fat in the body
It helps get rid of toxins in the body
Keeps your defenses in good condition, because of the content of B vitamins (especially B3, B5, and B9), carbohydrate and “good” protein
Protects you from colds due to its content of vitamin C. It also helps in the treatment of injuries
Slows the aging of skin and cells because of the vitamins A, C, E containing
It is a potent protector against toxins found in food and the environment

Contraindications cucumber
We do not recommend the cucumber, a fruit that is very healthy and with few risks in some cases. For example, because it has a component called cucurbitacin, causing indigestion and gas formation in the stomach. This is the reason why people who are prone to this condition should reduce the consumption of this fruit. Other people may also have allergies to certain ingredients of cucumber and it causes edema (swelling) in the tongue, throat or mouth.

If consumed in excessive amounts, cucumber can cause dehydration due to its strong diuretic properties. However, there are many cases where this side effect occurred. One should eat several kilos of cucumbers a day to show the lack of water levels, such as to dehydrate the body.