Dash Diet: Lose 15 Pounds in Only Two Months!

Slim women

It is a diet accepted by nutritionists and doctors and is the number 1 among the diets with spectacular results a promising loss up to 15 pounds in just two months.

It is easy healthy and beneficial to health one that is specifically designed to protect those who suffer from hypertension or diabetes.

The Dash menu is simple and focuses on real, quality food, rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates in balance. It is about a (hearty) food program that is based on the Mediterranean diet. And the most important;   servings of course!

The portions for those who follow no more than 1,200 calories a day!

The pros of the Dash diet

The Dash diet was released in printed version with advice, information and course detail diet programs and immediately became best seller.

The trump card of this diet is to have the approval of doctors and namely The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and was named by the American Heart Association, as the most healthy diet in the US A, one

Protects against high pressure. The program promises to help reduce hypertension in just 14 days without the use of pharmaceuticals. And the determination has been made by the National Institutes of Health.

With a program full of fruits and vegetables provides the body fiber, calcium and magnesium, important for healthy functioning.

The Dash recommends avoiding salt which replaces with spices that give flavor, reducing the negative effects of salt in the body.

The diet has two phases: the first phase lasts two weeks, the aim is yes redefine our metabolism with foods low in carbohydrates. In this phase, we should not consume fruit or whole grain products. At this stage, but we can consume as much lean meat desire.

In the second phase now allowed the total products starchy vegetables and fruits.

On average, people who followed the Dash, lost 2 pounds the first two weeks and 4.5 15 kg within two months.

The main tips according to the author are:

  1. Consume 3 meals a day plus a snack in the morning, afternoon, and optionally before dinner.
  1. We fall asleep early
  1. Drink plenty of water drink & avoid caffeine as much as optionally possible
  1. Cut the salt completely

Approximate first phase menu

Breakfast: 1 cup of skim milk or tea, 1 cup fresh fruit with yogurt 1 cup fat-free and 1/3 cup nuts

Lunch: A tortilla with 2/3 cup chopped roasted chicken (84 grams), a half cup of chopped apple, 2 teaspoons fat mayonnaise and a little curry

Dinner: A serving of pasta, 2 cups green vegetables, 1 teaspoon sauce Cesar fat, one tangerine and 1 glass of sparkling water.

Snacks: 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds 1 fat free yoghurt A handful of raisins

Indicative second phase menu

Breakfast: 1 cup milk 1-1.5% fat with 1 slice of black rye bread or ½ barley flour or nut oats, 1 cup grapefruit juice or orange

Brunch: 1 season fruit (apple, orange) and 3-4 small walnuts

Lunch: (One for each day of the week)

  1. 120 g. chicken breasts, skinless with 3 medium boiled or baked potatoes and salad greens with 2 teaspoons olive oil
  1. A string beans or okra portion 60 g. cottage cheese or other cheese with a relatively low salt and 2-3 small barley rusks
  1. 150 g. fish rich in omega-3 such as grilled salmon fillet or 1 medium bream with cauliflower-broccoli salad and 2 teaspoons of oil and 2 slices rye bread or multigrain or 1 lean fish chowder (eg redfish, cod) with steamed vegetables – potato, carrot, celery, kremmydi- and 1 zucchini salad boiled
  1. 120 g. beef without visible fat, grilled with 1 cup of rice or pasta (do not use butter and salt) and cabbage salad or lettuce
  1. 1 cup lentils or beans with 60 g. cottage cheese or other cheese with a relatively low salt and 1 bread slice with salad greens and 2 teaspoons of oil
  1. 120 g. pork tenderloin roasted with 1 cup 1 cup peas or beans and one slice of bread with salad tomato cucumber and 2 teaspoons of oil
  1. A small portion of pasta with one simple sauce with tomatoes, peppers, tuna in water

Afternoon: 1 banana or 3 dried fruit eg plums

Dinner: (One for each day of the week)

  1. A small filet grilled chicken with lettuce salad with a little oil-vinegar and 1 slice of bread
  1. A nut barley with 2 slices tomato and 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese or other cheese with a relatively low salt content
  1. A salad with lettuce-carrot 60 g. tonne rinsed in water and 2-3 small boiled potatoes
  1. A cup of rice with 1 yoghurt 2% and vegetable salad
  1. A nut barley with 2 slices tomato and 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese
  1. Two boiled eggs or poached with vegetable salad and 1 slice of bread
  1. Toast with turkey and boiled unsalted and yellow cheese (low-fat, <10% and salt) and 1 small salad

Before sleep: 1 cup milk 1.5% fat yogurt or 1, 0-2%