DentaBrighto Pro – Warning! Get Your Teeth Shades Whiter Or Scam?

DentaBrighto Pro – Although it is not natural to have teeth of all whiteness, many people dream to have some. Fortunately, a good number of products and techniques today promise fast tooth whitening. But beware of their real effectiveness. Better choose a dental whitening system the most advanced: the DentaBright Pro.

What is the DentaBright Pro?

DentaBrighto Pro Side Effects

The DentaBright Pro is a sophisticated tooth whitening kit, consisting of 3 elements:

  • The duplex gutter, made of silicone, guarantees a better contact with your teeth thanks to their great flexibility.
  • The extreme whitening gel allows you to obtain tangible results in less time.
  • The UV Accelerator uses light technology to help the active ingredients of the bleaching gel penetrate deeply into each tooth for lasting results.
  • The DentaBright Pro combines the best of the traditional bleaching system with new technologies, which guarantees you unmatched performance.

DentaBrighto Pro acts in the same way as dentists care for hydrogen peroxide, except that with this one, you spend less and you do not waste time going to the dentist. In addition, it is devoid of peroxide, harmful ingredient for dental enamel.

The Promises of the DentaBright Pro

Thanks to the DentaBright Pro dental whitening system, you can find a white and confident smile. This is also the capital promise of this product.

This whitening kit offers to whiten at your home and in just 14 days your teeth have been yellowed by time, coffee, tea or cigarette. By having whiter teeth again, you gain more confidence. To do this, it is necessary to ensure proper use of this DentaBrighto Pro.

How Does DentaBright Pro Work?

DentaBright Pro comes in the form of three main components:

The Teeth of the Tray: Silicone duplex tray that is soft and flexible to fit on your teeth.

Extreme Whitening Gel: You add this gel to the teeth tray to deliver results “in record time”.

UV Accelerator: DentaBright Pro uses a revolutionary “UV accelerator” that activates the ingredients in Extreme Bleaching Gel, helping them to work more efficiently and for longer.

Basically, this works by placing the gel in the teeth of the tray and placing the tray teeth on your teeth. Then you place the UV accelerator on the front of your mouth and turn it on. UV accelerator light penetrates the transparent plastic teeth plateau, forcing the gel to “activate” it, improving its efficiency.

This may seem like a system age space, but it’s actually a common technology in the industry’s home teeth whitening. You can find teeth whitening kits on Amazon.

Essentially, these teeth whitening gels. They are a controversial tooth whitening solution because most of them do not work. In fact, according to a dentist interviewed by InStyle, the gels must contain a “photocatalysis” ingredient such as ferrous gluconate (found in the dental professional, treatments), zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Without these ingredients, the gel “does nothing”. It is unclear whether the DentaBright Pro contains these photocatalysis ingredients, as the ingredient list is not online.

That the dentist also explained that gels usually contain peroxide, although there is no evidence to suggest that the UV lamp allows the peroxide to work faster. Instead, she recommends using devices with LED blue lighting – no UV lights.

In the end, there is some evidence that UV lights can speed up the teeth whitening process, but only when used with gels that contain photocatalysts.

The makers never list any studies, clinical trials or other information in support of the claim made by the manufacturer.

How Does the UV Accelerator Work?

UV accelerator uses LED technology, which is considered the best technique for deeply cleaning teeth.

The tip of this gadget emits a powerful laser beam that penetrates the yellow layer of teeth to activate the ingredients of the gel.

What Does the DentaBrighto Pro Gel Contain?

DentaBrighto Pro Gel is designed without peroxide or harmful chemicals. It contains sodium chloride, EDTA, cellulose gum, and glycerin.

Highly used in the manufacture of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and gels, these non-toxic ingredients work together to effectively whiten your teeth.

DentaBright Pro Ingredients

This powerful tooth gel is safe to use without worry of discomfort or pain. It does not alter your tooth enamel and the soft tissues of your oral cavity.

How to use DentaBrighto Pro?

Usage of This System Happens in a Few Simple Steps:

Mold the duplex gutter: Immerse the upper mouth tray in hot water (70-80 ° C) for 10 seconds to soften it. Put it in your mouth to mold your upper teeth. Close your mouth and gently push the mouth plate by pressing your upper lip with your fingers. Hold up 10 to 15 minutes before expelling. Put it in a cup of cold water for 10 seconds to harden it. Repeat the same steps with the lower mouth tray.

Cut out the oral trays to correct their size: following their molding, cut with scissors the surplus trays that hinder the gum. This avoids irritating the tissue at the level of the gum.

Add a small drop of bleaching gel on the gutters: it is recommended not to overload gel the oral trays. Then insert these trays on your own teeth. Gently press your upper and lower lips to adjust properly.

Use the UV Accelerator to activate the gel ingredients: remove the plastic disc from the battery; press the white button to turn on the blue light; place the LED technology in your mouth for 10 min. Continue to carry the meal trays for a total of 30 to 45 minutes. Remove them and rinse with lukewarm water your mouth. Keep them in a dry and clean place. Repeat the same operation every day until you get the ideal shade.

How Does Act?

This whitening system illuminates your teeth up to 7 brighter shades. From the 2nd day of use, you will see the change. In 14 days, your yellowed teeth will only be bad memories.

In a nutshell, it allows you to:

Regain your bright and confident smile in 2 weeks;

Achieve professional, sustainable results

Treat your yellowed teeth without resorting to expensive procedures.

What Does Science Say?

Specialists have thought about the health of your teeth when they developed. Note that this advanced bleaching system does not contain hydrogen peroxide which causes alterations of the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity according to the results of some scientific studies.

  1. Dental professional’s associate sodium hypochlorite and EDTA in endodontic treatments, as these two ingredients are scientifically recognized for their antiseptic, antimicrobial and chelating properties. They are effective in disinfecting teeth and helping to eliminate their yellowing color.

On the official website, find out more about the dentists who recommend this product. According to dentists, the daily use of this modern, easy-to-use bleaching kit helps to prevent tooth decay, break plaque and have white, healthy teeth.

Does DentaBrighto Pro Have Side Effects?

This advanced tooth whitening system has no side effects, thanks to the absence of chemicals and hydrogen peroxide. DentaBrighto Pro can be used safely by all kinds of people 18 years and older, even those with sensitive teeth.

In addition, the duplex gutter made of soft silicone can be adjusted to the size of your toothing, which allows you to avoid any risk of irritation in your tooth enamel.

The Manufacturer of DentaBright Pro

DentaBrighto Pro

The manufacturer of this tooth whitening DentaBrighto Pro is not clearly mentioned on its official website in French. However, DentaBrighto Pro has assumed on the Internet that it is a cosmetics company, called DentaBright Pro that makes this tooth whitening DentaBrighto Pro at the best price.

You can find on the online portal of DentaBright Pro contact information to directly contact its customer service, in case of concern about your order. For any questions, this customer service can be contacted by e-mail at any time and Live Chat, 5 days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm.

In case of a return, an unwanted order must be returned to Returns Department 1005 W. Franklin Ave. Suite 3 Minneapolis, MN 55405. All this information helps to confirm the reliability of the DentaBright Pro.

Testimonials From Users:

Satisfied customers of the results of whitening obtained do not hesitate to publish their testimonials on the official website. They even sent photos before and after their teeth to support their testimonials.

Some users even claim that they have already used several products that work only at first, but with DentaBright Pro they have achieved results that last and teeth many times brighter and brighter. Others say they have seen visible results after just a few weeks of use of this advanced bleach kit.

Our Opinion on DentaBright Pro

DentaBrighto Pro Pros:

DentaBrighto Pro Easy to use and cheaper tooth whitening system;

Dental bleaching gel without hydrogen peroxide;

DentaBrighto Pro without side effect;

Get amazing results in just 14 days;

Durable teeth whitening and professional quality.

DentaBrighto Pro Cons:

Lack of information on DentaBrighto Pro manufacturer and manufacturing laboratories;

Price of the DentaBrighto Pro changing.

Price and Guarantees:

You can buy this revolutionary teeth whitening kit directly from its official website. Just complete the order form and give your exact details. At the time of your purchase, the site presents the price without hidden costs of this product. It shows you the cost of delivery and handling and the international tax.

Depending on the terms of sale of this product, this price may change, but it is still affordable. Therefore, it must be verified before confirming your order. A box of DentaBright Pro costs on average around 20 to 30 dollars. It includes 1 gutter for the teeth, 3 tubes of gel for extreme bleaching, 1 accelerator UV, and 1 tray for storing the gutter as well as 1 instructions for use for a better use of the product.

Cancellation of order is possible at any time, but it is subject to certain conditions. The site provides you with a dynamic customer service to receive your complaints and answer your questions.

In Summary:

In our opinion, the information we have gathered about the DentaBright Pro is largely sufficient to presuppose its reliability and effectiveness so that you can regain a bright smile. This is a “latest generation” bleaching kit, sold at a very attractive price on the Internet.

Do not always postpone the care of your yellow teeth. Claim your box of DentaBright Pro now and share your experiences and opinions.

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