Diet With White


Wear tight your white dress and access your jeans without the strict diet. How; Learning just the rules and habits that will help you lose weight and keep off the weight you will lose.

It is known that black clothes’ cut pounds “and offer a beautiful sight-mirage. But what about the white and light-colored dresses, pants and shirts that “assert” and what a place in our wardrobe? How will the wear, since the slightest irregularity nutritional deleted in white tight jeans? The truth is that you do not need to get into the strict diet program. Cutting some bad habits and adopting smart practices will subtract points from our silhouette.

The diet of panic is not a solution
Whenever looking for the diet that works wonders. The diet will relieve us in record time by our unwanted pounds. This, however, rests assured, there is. The so-called deprivation diets all they do is to deprive our body important nutrients and the train to regain what he lost very quickly and often even to double the pounds lost. Only the balanced Mediterranean diet and small frequent meals can help us lose excess pounds. The recommended weight loss suggested by dietitians is half to one pound a week.

Everybody is different. This means that a woman can collect more fat in the chest and another in the buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Here, then, we face a very difficult opponent who called the local fat, a major problem for the little white dress. But look for special diets that will prosecute buns or “grips» (love handles). What would really help is a balanced low-calorie kg loss diet combined with exercise. Exercise increases the combustion and also the muscle tissue, burn fat, and if you show patience and persistence can greatly change our body. Aerobic, indeed, exercise contributes to fat loss in the abdomen.

The biggest blow
Experts have concluded that nowadays the biggest blow in our diet is the large portions. Until the dishes of the restaurants, which now have the dimensions platter, show a tendency to overeating of modern man. Change, therefore, regular and eat our pasta in medium size dish.

We count mouthfuls
The diet with 75 bites gaining ground, as is the new food craze of Hollywood stars. We count, therefore, our bites and end of these days should not exceed 75. If it seems to us excessive and infeasible because it would get lost in counting, do something more practical: slowly chew our food and touching the fork on the plate after each bite. A bite chewed well is not only enjoyable but gives fewer calories. Good chewing helps in the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, puts an end to bloating and removes bulimic episodes, he gives time to our stomach “update” through the brain that enough is enough, had enough!

Follow the diet deletions
unsubscribe from our dish fried foods and reducing by half the oil or butter for use in cooking. Cutting and soft drinks, by the summer we will get rid of a few pounds due to their daily consumption. The same will happen if in very narrow and alcohol, and not to feel … fallen joy when our company feasts, a wine glass with ice cubes will not burden us.

Investing in green
always accompanied our meals with a green salad containing 1 teaspoon olive oil. The vegetables contain fibre, which contributes to satiety. This means that prevent over consumption of calories and eventually help in weight loss. In addition, they contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants important for the body.