Dr. MD,PhD, Medical School, University of Crete


Put an end to bloating, gas and bloated belly.

Bloating, gas and bloated belly? It is a very awkward situation many times we face. The gas problem is very common, the embarrassment is great but fortunately there is now dealing in pharmacies.

Flatulence, our known “bulges” on-air, usually perceived by the feeling of swollen abdomen, manifested in troublesome symptoms such as stomach cramps, heartburn, pain, belching and gases. It is a fairly common disorder of gastrointestinal, often strongly affects both the psychology and social life.

Essentially, the gases generated in the gut during digestion, and cause the well known “swell”. This can cause abdominal discomfort if not treated immediately, can cause intense abdominal pains and sleep disturbances, if observed during night.

The gases can be caused by antibiotics, foods are not easily digested, such as fiber, foods that contain lactose, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and the air we swallow when we eat, mainly stress ratio and fast pace of life.

Recent clinical studies in Greece and abroad indicate that flatulence troubling:
Up to 30% of the adult population (1)
The effect is twice as common in women (1)
69% suffering from constipation (3)
Up to 70% suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (2).
Some ways to avoid a gas and bloating is to slowly chew well, reduce carbonated beverages and soft drinks especially during the meal, reduce dairy products, as well as intolerance to these foods can increase intestinal gas , avoid chewing gum, artichokes, cabbage, radish and generally legumes and not smoking.

So far there was available in the Greek market, the pharmaceutical composition only to address the “inflation” and gas despite the fact that in many other countries, an acclaimed substance simethicone, widely used for many years to address this problem. The simethicone is not absorbed by the body, thus having a very good safety profile. This means that it can be used during pregnancy and lactation. It works naturally, eliminating the gases that are trapped in the gastrointestinal tract in a very short time (less than 15 minutes), immediately relieving the discomfort they cause and gives flat belly.

The good news is that by mid-June, available in our country in pharmacies, pharmaceutical formulation with simethicone, which is the only product in Greece with this indication. It has fast action, it is suitable for pregnant, lactating, diabetic and children from 6 years. It can also be used with excellent results by those who suffer from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome and those who make use of laxatives (herbal and non) and anticonvulsants (TEU). Finally, it can be used by girls who want a flat stomach (without swelling). It is in the form of granules that effervesce pleasantly in the mouth without the use of water and with a pleasant mint taste.