Eat Eight According To Your Type Of Blood

Type Of Blood

Personalized Nutritional Solution to maintain your health, live longer and to Get the Ideal Weight for You.

‘How would if you looked you say that the secret to a healthy, vibrant and life without diseases is so simple as to know your blood type?’ asks Dr. Peter D ‘Adamo, and in the book Eat Right According to the press indicates our solution with simple We’ Blood manner. If you ever suspected that diet or exercise should not be the same for all, you are right.

Indeed, the foods are completely absorbed by each organization and the way the body reacts to stress each vary depending on the type of blood. The type of blood is the chemistry of your body.

It is the key to exploring the mysteries associated with the disease, longevity, health and formĀ  and how to avoid serious health problems. Only recently started to come together all the pieces of the scientific and clinical puzzle.

The Dr. D ‘Adamo spent the last fifteen years researching the connection between blood type, food and disease, and the research based thirty years of work of his father.

Now Dr. D ‘Adamo offers you a comprehensive health assurance solution, a personalized program that is right for your blood type.

In Eat Right According to the type of blood you ‘, shows us:

What foods, herbs, teas and spices help you, depending on your blood type, to maintain optimal health and ideal weight

What vitamins and supplements to prefer or avoid

What medications have the best effect on your system – if the stress affects the muscular or nervous system

If aerobics and meditation you relieve stress – whether walking, swimming