Effect Of Environmental Pollution In The Various Organs And Systems Of Humans

The progressive accumulation of various physical and chemical pollutants in our environment has a detrimental impact on human health.

We eat, drink and breathe thousands of toxic substances while nuclear accidents, experiments and tests charging the environment with incredible amounts of radioactive waste.

Through the famous ozone hole ultraviolet, and infrared radiation the most undisturbed incessantly bombard the body destroying the skin prematurely and is our natural shield and significantly increasing the incidence of skin cancer.
If all this we add the rate dramatically increased in recent decades, noise then it is no wonder for the resilience of the human species. Toxic substances are numerous and have already prepared endless lists of toxic substances that surround us.
There has been described a significant number of diseases that are inherited toxic effects of known and unknown substances.

The diseases for which has been reported to have been exacerbated by environmental pollution in recent decades:

From Skin
dermatitis allergic
toxic dermatitis
infectious dermatitis
Premature aging of the skin
Skin cancer
From the nervous system
Increased stress
Sleep disorders
Increase neuropathies
Increase psychopathy
From Respiratory System
allergic rhinitis
allergic bronchitis
chronic bronchitis
Cancer of the larynx
Lung cancer
From the Gastrointestinal System
Cancer Oral
Cancer of the throat
Cancer of the stomach
Liver Cancer
Colon cancer
Cirrhosis of the liver
Ulcer stomach and duodenum
From Urinary
toxic nephropathy
Bladder Cancer
Prostate cancer
From the Reproductive System
Reduction of Libido
Cancer genital