EveryDay Products Sensitive Integrated Protection

Sensitive Integrated protection

You know why 8 out of 10 women prefer Sensitive protection *, choose the pad Every day ?

Because … napkins EveryDay Sensitive is the first « Sensitive » napkins. After consumer surveys and laboratory studies friendliness to the skin, in Greece and abroad, designed specifically to fully meet the care needs of sensitive skin .

Because … napkins EveryDay Sensitive , have a uniquely dry, hygienic fabric cover, which is not only soft but actually skin friendly.
Because … thanks to the highly absorbent core, effectively retaining moisture, preventing leakage.
Why … is an advanced product that provides comprehensive Sensitive protection and dryness!
* Source : IRI, Total Greece, Share of Volume Sales within Sensitive in% (2013 – YTD Aug2016)
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Sensitive protection with evidence!
All Every day products possess important quality certifications . Besides, EveryDay napkins are the first set up by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Greece. Furthermore, they are certified for the absence of harmful substances in accordance with international standard certification OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 , which guarantees a level of security far higher than those defined by law. Learn more about international certification Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Sophisticated Sensitive design.

Napkins EveryDay Sensitive , unlike other Sensitive pads, not just have a soft cover, but a really friendly fabric cover. Furthermore, the integrated protection offered is the result of an innovative design which includes not one, but three layers of protection!

1. Unique dry fabric cover … which unlike common plastic caps, comprises fibres.
2. Diffuser layer … located beneath the fabric covering and rapidly dissipate moisture to remain dry the top cover.
3. highly absorbent core … which quickly absorbs moisture and distributes along the napkin utilising the absorbent power of the entire core.

Each woman is unique and special …
… is why need specialised products that are specially designed to effectively cover its own care and treatment needs.

The series towel EveryDay Sensitive has a complete range of point sizes. Besides the standard sizes ( the Normal , Super , Maxi Night ) series EveryDay Sensitive also have specific types, such as Mini and XL , to cover all situations, from the smallest to the greatest flow.
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