Excessive Stress On Health Brings Health Problems

Health Brings

The in other yogis hypochondriac people who needlessly constantly worried about their health.

They may face an increased risk for the occurrence of heart disease – that is something like a self-fulfilling profiting- according to a Norwegian scientific research.

Stress is a known risk factor for heart and beyond. Stress that anyone would seriously ill, and therefore runs continuously in doctors at the slightest symptom, not an exception, according to scientists and therefore stressed the need to take seriously, to prevent a possible future problem.

The researchers, led by Dr Kinney Eden Berg he of the University of Bergen Department of Psychiatry, who made the notice published in the British medical journal “BMC Open”, analysed data for over 7,000 people born within 1953-1957.

Of these, 3.3% were ischemic episode during the study, but among those who suffered from excessive concern for their health (were 710 women), the rate was almost doubled (6%).

The analysis showed that in the beginning of the study, in imagination patients were 73% more likely to have heart disease. And the greater the anxiety, the greater the chance to become their fear really. by healthy figures