Exercise For Each Body Type Healthy Figures

Exercise a women body

Who is happy with the body you have? Almost none. All, more or less, something troubles us. Yet with proper training we can correct the weak points is our Body Type. healthy figures 
You beautiful and Eloisa walk, but you are not happy because of you tummy … Your body has the curves of Marilyn Monroe, but you do not like because your arms are plump … Your friends envy you the boyish body shape, without Somalia- but you dissatisfied because you have no curves. You remind something all? It would be a lie to deny it. But there is good news! With proper training, you can improve the weak points of your body and tone your confidence.

Smart training
body “pear”
The problem: Your body is wider below the waist, ie in the region, compared with the trunk. Grease tends to accumulate in the thighs and buttocks.
The solution: It is important to tone your shoulders and arms by doing exercises with weights, to get a more harmonious body image. At the same time, you should give emphasis on muscle strengthening and tone the entire body. Finally, your program should include the aerobic exercise of moderate intensity (eg skipping ropes, stationary bike).

‘Plank’ Body
Problem: Your silhouette is “boyish” and usually the envy of your friends because they do not have “unnecessary” items. You seem to need less exercise than any body type. At the same time, you do not have curves, while your sensitive point is that your muscles are not the most possible.
The solution: add more shape to your body by toning and strengthening exercises buttocks. Overall, your workout should include strength training for the whole body, and cardio workout (eg swimming, jogging, cycling) to improve your strength.

House “apple”
The problem: You are on the trunk portly, with broad shoulders, wide waist trend for “tummy”. On the other hand, your hips are narrow.
The solution: It is advisable to emphasise the muscle strength of the buttocks and thighs, and abs to strengthen these more your weaknesses. Simultaneously should integrate into your weekly workout of cardio workout, which helps increase cremations. You can try tennis, because due to construction -You are stronger in the upper part of your body we provide- sports suit required speed and strength in the upper torso.

House “hourglass”
The problem: It depends on how you look! Your curves are no problem since you have plenty in all the right places. The problem is that there is relative “excess” fat in the arms, thighs and lower abdomen healthy figures .
The solution: You need to do full body strength training but to emphasise the muscle toning the arms, legs and abdomen. At the same time, you should do just as often cardio workout that will help you keep a better control fat in your body. Try skipping ropes, static cycling and brisk walking.

Your sports matching
Those who have dealt with sports will have noticed that some sports are more suited to your body. Indeed, not all the bodies of performs with the same capabilities. Experts explain that there are three basic body types with different formats (however, there are many variations of these basic types).
The slim and lightweight (ectomorphs): It has a long body, weak skeleton and relatively low in fat. Difficulty to “build” tries muscle tissue and has a relatively fast metabolic rate, meaning that no “puts” weight easily. Due to the light construction, the matching sports like long-distance running, marathon and triathlon. The exercise should focus on increasing muscle mass with strength training combined with moderate aerobic exercise healthy figures .
Heavy and fatter percentage (endomorphs) has naturally heavier construction, more power, but also prone to fat accumulation because the metabolic rate is relatively slow. His body is perfect for sports with weights, wrestling and team contact sports. Because it tends to take weight easily recommended workout to focus on aerobic exercise.
Muscular with low fat (so): Those who have this body type considered modelled for athletes! They perform well in any sport they choose, for example, in running and sprinting, cycling, in boxing, weightlifting. Their body is adaptable, “build” muscle tissue easily and have endurance. Their exercise must combine the aerobic workout with strength training at moderate intensity.