Face & Body Care

face and body care

The Ayurvedic herbal Rosveda of beauty treatments, made with the use of herbs and essential oils.

Applying specific pressure to specific areas of the skin and a certain way. The action of the herb is endless, energy and miraculous. It is very easy to use without any side effects or contraindications.

The nice appearance begins with the acquisition of beautiful, youthful and healthy skin. Youthful, smooth, elastic and without wrinkles face, showing that the person is healthy and mentally balanced. It is necessary to take care for therapy instrument and plant products for your face.

Avoid chemicals, even if they promise you everything, because their side effects appear later, with unfortunately irreversible effects.

The Rosveda, champion for the past 15 years, with continuous research in the development and implementation of its products, gives the certainty of natural and effective holistic therapy, health and beauty of skin.

It is absolutely necessary to apply treatments to the face at regular intervals, always depending on the age and condition of the skin.

Lasting beauty means, continuous and quality care. If your skin does not eat and do not cares properly, the natural luster and beauty of the face, gradually removed. To effectively address this problem, we need to know what our skin needs depending on age and condition. The Rosveda warrants the continuous health products, rejuvenation, wrinkle action, renewal, and youthfulness continuous protection, regardless of our age.

Skin Care

The human body is about 80% water. Therefore, it is reasonable that all processes within the body, work better in the presence of moisture standing.

The human skin with the complex fabric acts as a barrier between man and the environment, helping to keep the temperature control, eliminating toxins and preventing pests to invade the body. The appearance and skin health reflects the health and wellbeing of the individual and contributes greatly in appearance and our confidence. Consequently, it is the universal need to pay due attention to the skin.

Skin types

The Ayurveda clearly defines the feature type of each skin, depending on the texture and appearance.

Pitta Skin: Oily, slightly shiny, prone to acne, wrinkled slower and is usually smoother.

Kapha skin: It is normal, or mixed, usually smooth to moderate.

Vata skin: It is generally dry and tight. It looks healthy when it is new, but wrinkled quickly and looks dry.

Then there is of course ranking by age, for all skin types. In young skin is more smooth, shiny and tight, but with increasing age, tends to become loose, dull and displays wrinkles.

Generally each person knows the dominant type of the skin. Otherwise, a simple control of our specialists can easily identify the type of skin, always in relation to age.

The type of treatment or care of any type of skin, varies depending on the body type or condition of the skin. Experts of Rosveda will help you determine, the most appropriate treatment and make the right product choice.

care Tips

  1. General Health & Habits: Good general health and habits are reflected directly on the skin. Thus, it is suggested a mild exercise in the open air, for example a walk in the morning, accompanied with a healthy diet, full of green vegetables and cereals. The gas consumption of water (3-4 liters per day), it is necessary to detoxify the skin and to keep the internal organs and the skin hydrated. In intense heat, dry winter or in an environment with a controlled air, could be up to five liters of water per day. People tense or under intense pressure, have to deal with meditation. Remember that ayurveda, proposing a complex care for indoor, outdoor and mental health and well-being of each individual.
  1. Clean the skin: Depending on skin type, the Margosa Face & Body wash, the Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk, the Embellica Astringent or Skin Toner, can be used to clean the deep pores of the skin, the exposed parts of body. For the rest of the body, it recommends a mild soap.
  1. Skin Hydration: Moisture is needed for the skin and should be different for every skin type and depending on the environment. Different hydration for the evening, different during the day and different depending on the modern world. Also, the weather plays an important role in skin hydration.
  1. Refresh: This involves the regeneration and re-emergence of the young and fresh skin. To remove old layers of accumulated dead skin on clearing resources from fat and the deposition of harmful elements, which are due to air pollution, is needed to apply gradually, exfoliating products of different shapes and composition, depending on the skin condition your. The Rosveda exfoliating products are suitable for any skin, rejuvenate you, with vegetable and organic way, without side effects and contraindications.
  1. Specific Treatments: The skin when it matures and one with typical problems requires special treatment and therapy. The Rosveda manufactures special therapeutic products to address these problems. Our partners will help you learn more about their use.