Facial Care: Clean affairs

Facial Care Skin  care Clean affairs
In this everyone agrees on dermatologists and experts. For a healthy and glowing face, the Alpha and Omega is the skin cleaning.

The face is the only part of the body is exposed and uncovered daily throughout the year. The skin of the bear from the dust and dirt of the environment, from the cigarette smoke from the ingredients contained in creams and makeup products. If all these pollutants are not systematically removed, the skin pores close, hypersecretion of sebum created and dead cells that accumulate on the surface prevents her breathe. Furthermore, if the skin is not cleaned frequently, any moisturising or anti-aging care if you want to offer her, will have no effect. Purification, then, is the most important beauty care.

The 4 Secrets
Find the right product
lotion, gel or soap? If there is no special need and your skin does not present problems to consult a dermatologist, choosing the right product will determine the type of your skin.
• If your skin is dry, avoid common soap, which can aggravate the problem. Pick a typer Lipari cream (cold cream), which contain oils, glycerin and fatty acids, generate little foam and respects the skin pH. Suitable are also the cleaners rich emulsion. In addition to the cleaning agents contain in their composition softening and moisturising ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acid, but must be rinsed thoroughly, because if they remain on the skin can cause intense dry skin.
• For sensitive skin, more suitable are the products with soothing and hypoallergenic formulas, and to avoid those containing alcohol, which can irritate the.
• For the two previous types of skin, there are gels and cleaning fluids in the form of water containing the innovative component of the micelles. Micelles are compounds in the form of beads, comprising fatty acid ester derivatives, which have in their structure a hydrophilic part on the outside and a lipophilic internally. This specificity enables micelles to dissolve and remove dirt easily from the skin without rubbing and rinsing.
• If your skin is oily, choose the cleaning product you choose contains salicylic acid, clay or tea tree oil, ingredients known for their sebum and antibacterial agents, which remove sebum, but not the natural skin lipids. These products come in gel form, mousse, liquid soap or a plate.


To make your skin fresh and bright, you must be cleaned twice a day. One must be absolutely in the evening before going to sleep, and another the next morning. Anything more might be considered overkill, disrupt the balance of the stratum corneum, to make the skin more vulnerable and cause problems.

Do not ignore the specialised products
Many women wonder if the lotion is necessary after the emulsion and whether to use a special product for cleansing the eyes. The role of lotions commonly accompanies a cleansing emulsion is not only to complete the purification and to provide a stimulating action but also to remove residues of the emulsion not only leaving the water. Besides water, if it is hard, it can exacerbate dryness. Rather, the specific components comprising a control lotion shine relax or tighten pores. But if you use products indicate that rinsing with water, the use of lotion is not necessary, unless you like the freshness and flavour it gives. ➔Gia eye make-up remover, it is advisable to use a specialised product that removes intense or waterproof makeup products that can not be removed with a simple product without causing irritation. Of course, if safest usually light and your cleaning product state that is suitable for the eyes, you can only use it.

Gentle movements
The cleaned wants and the right way. Nothing about hasty and violent movements. Apply the cleanser with your fingertips, and with gentle, circular movements make a light massage on the face.

Extra care
Once a week, treat your skin an extra care with exfoliation and mask. After the usual cleaning, choose a scrub product with fine grain (if your skin is sensitive, consult your dermatologist), so with a light sanding -not to erethistic- cleanse the skin more deeply, to remove dead cells from the surface and to improve the texture. Then apply a mask that will choose according to the needs or desires (anti-aging, moisturising, glitter, etc.), allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper for a more refreshing effect.