Fight Fluid Retention With Gherkins

The liquid leaving the blood and into the tissues of the body at regular intervals.

The lymphatic system is a pipe system spread throughout the body that removes this liquid (called lymph) from tissues and reposition the bloodstream. The retention of liquid (known as edema) caused by fluid which is not removed from the tissues.

There are two major categories of fluid retention, generalized edema, where there is inflammation throughout the body and the local swelling, which affects specific body parts. Let’s find out how we can use cucumber to combat fluid retention.

There are many different causes of retention.

The body’s response to heat, high salt intake, and hormones related to menstruation. We recommend that you first consult your doctor and especially not to make self-diagnosis. The swelling may be a symptom of severe diseases, such as all of the cardiac, renal and hepatic dysfunctions.

Symptoms of fluid retention
The fluid retention symptoms include:

Swelling of the areas affected
Usually the legs are affected, ankles and hands
The body parts that are ill can hurt
It may also hurt the joints
Sudden weight gain in just a few days or weeks
Unexplained changes in weight
When you press the skin, may slow a few seconds to return after leave
In other cases, the skin may bleed when the touch
Uses of cucumber against retention


Thanks to that a cucumber contains an average of 45 calories, together with its skin, a glass of water with a cucumber slice is excellent substitute soft drinks and energy drinks. This method may reduce your daily calorie consumption by up to 150 calories.

When we add the cucumber in water, some of the nutritional values are mixed with.

The cucumber has few calories but are rich in water and contains ingredients ideal to give an end to fluid retention. You can use cucumber thereby, as a main ingredient to give flavor to the water.

The water with cucumber is also diuretic and thanks to its capacity can be even more helpful against fluid retention, which is one of the most frequent causes of weight gain. It contains vitamin C, which can boost your immune system, prevent cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye problems and even skin wrinkling. keeps the bones healthy, vitamin A, the key to good vision, strong immune system and healthy growth of the cells, potassium, which can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, iron, that enhances the oxygen cells, calcium, which helps bone health and more.

Of course, the amount of these components depends on how many pieces will add cucumber to your water.

The more you use the more beneficial nutrients you get. Fight fluid retention using a cucumber every two liters of water. We advise you to drink these two liters in one day.

Tap water is excellent detoxifying agent. The water with cucumber, in particular, contain a lot of fiber, which aid digestion and encourage us to eat less. Better digestion can also help you lose weight.