Fight Signs Of Fatigue! Skin Care Tips

There are many natural ways to give your face a glow and freshness that is missing.

H Lack of sleep, bad habits such as smoking, coffee and alcohol, but also the growing demands of everyday life, reflected in our face, depriving its shine and make it appear tired. If you see you like this in your face, follow our tips to refresh your appearance and to drive away the signs of fatigue naturally.

Blurred view
O incomplete purification, environmental pollution and smoking can cause constriction of blood skin microvessels, so the skin loses its shine and becomes dull.
it will help H consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants (particularly vitamins a and C), which contribute to water retention by the skin, giving shine and strengthen the defences of the skin.
Recipe: in 30 ml base oil evening primrose or to 30 ml of base cream (if your skin is oily voltage) add the following quantities of essential oils: 3 drops cypress 3 drops of lemon and 2 drops bergamot (without pergamptenio). Use your mixture at night to clean skin.
The natural ingredients

Geranium: Illuminates and brightens.

Lemon: It acts against blur.

The spicy foods, excess salt in food, increased alcohol consumption, and smoking contributes to poor circulation blood in the area around the eyes and fluid retention. That factors may be responsible for the “bags” that appear on your eyelids.
It will help: As a precaution, avoid the factors causing them (mentioned in the introduction of the subject). When swelling occurs, make the cold compress with thermal water, rose water or milk for 15-20 minutes.
Recipe: to 50 ml of base emulsion adds the following quantities of essential oils: 10 drops Cypress 5 drops rosemary 5 drops of juniper 5 drops of myrtle. Used this emulsion morning and evening.
The natural ingredients
Juniper: It helps in the elimination of toxins.
Rosemary: Anazoogonei.
Cafe ni: Helps in removing oedema.

Black circles
Factors such as fatigue or sleep deprivation cause dilation of the venous network located in the vicinity the eyes. H ┬źdisturbance┬╗ This is illustrated by giving a blue-purple tint to the skin, which is very thin at this point.
It will help: As a precaution, to sleep 6-8 hours every night and use every day a special eye cream. When you display dark circles, place slices of cucumber to tone up the area or from potato that has bleaching properties.
Recipe: In 30 ml oil calendula base or in 20 ml achillea oil add the following quantities of essential oils: 2 drops of myrrh, 3 drops cypress and 1 drop lavender. Use your mixture morning or VR adyt pika.
The natural ingredients
Kyparissia: Revitalizes the skin.
Achilles: It has the whitening effect.
Vitamin K: Helps to reduce the blue-purple hue.

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The essential oils used in recipes for the eye area it is a very small amount so as not to cause any sensitivity. However, if any irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use.