Gastritis The Ultimate Beverage for Immediate Relief

He gastritis are a mucosal infection, intimal stomach.

It is not a disease but a malady associated with various factors that stimulate and cause inflammation
of the mucosa of the stomach.
Such is alcohol, infections with bacteria (e.g., Helicobacter pylori), unnecessary stress, etc. reflex.
The most common symptoms of gastritis are:
– Pain and discomfort in the abdomen
– Indigestion
– Hiccup and burp
– heartburn
– Nausea and vomiting


One of the most effective herbal available to treat gastritis is licorice.
The herb produces a mucus in the stomach, which is deposited on the walls, limiting the acid secretions.
To prepare you to mix in 1/2 liter of boiling water a tablespoon of licorice powder, will leave for 10 minutes and then to the strained juices.
Drink this tea cold, 2-3 times a day before meals.
Caution: The licorice is prohibitive for hypertension.