General Care Tips Clothes and Household Textiles

Following is a text of the international Institute of laundry and dry cleaning mentioned some basic tips for caring for our clothes.

What do we do if dirty

If someone drops stain on your garment, absorb it using an absorbent white material such as a bath towel, food, or a piece of paper, without rubbing the point.

The friction can cause damage, as it breaks the surface fibers of the fabric. Usually this fault is not immediately perceived. After washing or dry cleaning will see a asprila the fabric at the point where total sanded area.

The more directly a clean cloth such good results may have

Our ability to clean a stain influenced by how soon cleaned. A stain of coffee will come out more easily if the garment which has cleaned the same day, more difficult if the same garment cleaned in a week and much more difficult in a month.

The longer a stain remains on the clothes more difficult it will be cleaned with good results, although ultimately the garment clean Also some stains can corrode and eventually dissolve the fibers in cotton, linen and silk and dilute weaving at that point.

The way in which we hang our clothes can be deformed.

We have all seen people with clothes that are deformed due to the flaring caused a hanger, Knit good is folded and passed the bar, not on the shoulders of the hanger. The weight of the braid pulls the fibers down and heavy clothes can be stretched badly.

The bleach can clear but can also create and irreparable damage to your clothes.

Many of the detergents we use contain chlorine, ammonia or low doses acids can be faded your clothes. Leaving such detergents stains on your clothes for days it is possible not only to alter the color of the clothes, but also erode the fibers and make damage to the fabric.

The clothes that make a set must be cleaned with

We all suits, suit or clothing set which may consist of different pieces like jacket, skirt, pants, vest, not everything we wear and all together. Sometimes we take the pants or skirt from a kit and combine with some of our other garment. For example, a jacket with a nice jeans. Although they happens not so used to always go to the laundry the whole suit, since it is possible to end up with a suit that will have two slightly different colors, another over more below!