General Tips For Safe Pregnancy

General Tips For Safe Pregnancy

For each expectant mother, pregnancy is a unique and completely different experience.

The months that follow are months of anticipation and emotions that you feel, the experiences, thoughts and impressions will rotate so fast that will certainly remain engraved in your memory, even when the years will pass.

The expectant mother feels that her life will change and along with her partner anxious about whether they can succeed in the role of right and good parent.

But you must not worry about anything. The role of the parent is not “taught”, but learned along the way. Through experience, the guidance of the pediatrician and the help of relatives, friends and experts will be able to enjoy this new route. The decision to bring the world the new member of your family should be a common conscious choice, your own and your partner. It is an act that will follow you for life and good will not find you unprepared. You must be ready and confident before moving to this new route. You and your partner are to be informed about what will happen in the next nine months.

Here you can read all you need to know the expectant mother and her partner for this new chapter in their lives. Through simple questions parents and our immediate answers, we will try to help you solve most of the questions that may concern you. Why to arrive until the moment of birth, we need proper information and preparation, so that you know your options and the changes that occur in the body of the expectant mother and the life of the couple.

Follow a balanced diet.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Reduce the consumption of beverages containing a lot of caffeine.

Do not take drugs without doctor’s prescription.

Tell your dentist that you’re pregnant, so as not to make unnecessary radiographs.

Wash thoroughly raw fruits and vegetables before eating.

Avoid areas with toxic fumes of dyes, as well as indoors crowded and smoky.

To be examined regularly on the date we have reached agreement.

Do not wear shoes with high heels. Make sure your shoes have soles to avoid possible falls.

When driving always wear a seat belt.

Always wash your hands before eating and especially if you caress a pet.

Place the bathtub slip mat.

Use a shower gel that respects the pH of your skin and helps to keep your skin elastic.