Germs Go The Gym!

You know what the dirtiest parts of the gym and how to guard against them?

Zumba, treadmill, free weights, pilates balls. What is the common element? That are designed to put you in shape! However, this good habit of exercise can eventually throw you on the bed, so stay long away from the fitness rooms. How can this happen? The failure of simple hygiene rules, which will bring you into contact with germs, which leave behind they’re previous passed by sports areas. Below you will find 6 microbes in the gym and how to guard against them.

Handles and weights
Just think how many hands catch these objects and how many germs they carry. It is, therefore, difficult to understand why they are an essential microbial goal.
Solution: Make sure you carry antiseptic wipes, with which to clean weights and handles before using them. Alternatively, you can obtain an antibacterial spray to the spray. If you these solutions seem far-fetched,  Germs go the gym sure you do not touch your face as long as you exercise and wash your hands after using the instrument.

Most practitioners are not their own, and use of the gym. This means that if you lie down on it without a towel, you’re more likely to stick something. If you have your own, it often happens to wrap and put it in its case immediately after your program, since a hurry to leave.

Remember, however, that on this sweat while performing the exercises, so wrapping the germs remain there and… make party.

The solution: For a start, it is advisable to get your own layer, which will be systematically cleaned, eg using a sponge and detergent. Be sure, also, not to fold immediately after exercise, but to leave it to dry and ventilate

Changing rooms
Sauna, showers, steam rooms. Humidity and crowding in the area of changing rooms make the room concerned the outbreak of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
The solution: those who use the showers do not forget to wear sandals and not press anywhere barefoot. After your swim, you can store your slippers in a plastic bag and then put them in your bag. Once you turn on the house, sprayed with the disinfectant spray and allow to dry. Also, be sure not to sit with your pants on the benches of the changing rooms, sauna and steam room barely wrapped with a towel.

The bag
What you put in? Your form, your athletic shoes and towel. However, these things you put not only when they are clean and fragrant, but after you have completed your training. This means, in other words, that are full sweat and exposed to microbes.
The solution: A good practice is to put the soiled clothes and shoes in separate plastic bags and then into your bag or keep them in a different compartment of. Then, be sure to empty the just arriving at home. If you plan to place laundry, then ventilate your stuff. Of course, try to leave
the bag on the floor of the locker room, but to hang or to put it in the glove box that you previously cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. Also, do not forget to ventilate him and wash it regularly.

The towel
can be your own and have it washed and ironed, but from the moment you come into contact with the gym equipment and mattresses will do well not to consider the cleanliness of a given.
The solution:  Germs go the gym  Be sure to change it every time you visit the gym. Good is also with you two towels, one for training and one for the shower.

Water bottle
should be with you in all your activity, because dehydration can affect, among others, your performance. The problem is that you catch with your hands, with which previously you catch the fitness equipment.
The solution: Avoid reusable bottles with cap opens upwards, especially if you open it manually. The easiest solution to protect against germs in this case is to open the mouth with teeth. Remember of course to wash bottle regularly. Even easier, of course, to use bottle with cap screws.

Beware of injuries
cut or have a wound? Before going to the gym, make sure to cover the area with a bandage or adhesive gauze because your wound can become germs gateway to the body.

Thank you for cooperation Mrs. Anastasia Moschovaki, qualified physician.