Glow in Minutes

Glow in minutes care

Remove dead cells, stimulate the mikrokyklforia, transporting vitamins. The cosmetic surgery can reveal the true beauty of the skin in just a few minutes.

The time and fatigue have stolen from our beauty the most important part of the radiation. The glow is the biggest bit of cosmetic surgery today. Can doctors have managed to erase wrinkles, increase the lips and cheekbones, but hunting lustrous appearance is even about. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons apply innovative methods to achieve this.
“The difference between a shiny and a dull complexion is the refresh rate of the cells,” says the dermatologist k.Katerina Lambrinopoulos and explains: “In a healthy young person, the cells are constantly updated. The new climb from the lower layers to the surface and fallen away. But as we age, the rate is reduced. Keratinocytes stacked on the skin and, therefore, cover the beauty. Simultaneously, the physiological functions of the disrupted skin. Because of the weather and solar radiation, the skin dries out and becomes dry and brittle. The vessels of the circulatory system are weakened and the blood does not reach sufficient quantities in the skin, which means that it does not convey the essential nutrients. ” The cosmetic procedures come to fix the basic problems of the skin.

Removing dead cells: Jessner Peel
In aesthetic dermatology, experts use a mixture of acids that make scaling and aims to combat imperfections and give shine. This is the Jessner Peel, containing beta hydroxy acids (salicylic and lactic acid), and resorcinol.
How ‘Salicylic regulates the accumulation of keratinocytes in the epidermis, removes, ie, those directly responsible for the haze, “says the dermatologist Mr Katerina Lambrinopoulos and adds:” The lactic enhances cell regeneration and revelation of healthy , glowing skin that lies beneath the dead cells. This acid is derived from milk, which explains the legendary Cleopatra baths. The resorcinol has local antiseptic, eliminates bacteria and at the same time helps in thickening of the skin. Thanks to this, fibroblasts increase production and the dermis becomes more compact. ”
INFO: The glow is visible from the first application. However, the treatment can be repeated after 3 weeks. The cost starts from 80 €.

Deep microdermabrasion
The microdermabrasion, favourite cosmetic procedure in America, now is even better. The method is refined by using more small crystals, which can be applied even in very delicate and sensitive skins.
How is “The face” bombarded “with very fine crystalline beads that help peel dead cells,” explains dermatologist Katerina Lambrinopoulos and continues: “The phase of” casting “alternates with suction. The machine i.e. aspirates simultaneously both the crystals and the corneocytes slough off. The “bombing” the microcrystals result causing small, unsightly lesions. Thus, apart from the removal of dead cells, is achieved and the stimulation of regeneration. As skin feels injured, produces new collagen and elastin in order to be able to heal the wounds. The result is fresh, radiant, youthful skin.
INFO: This technique can be repeated 4 times a year, but only during the winter months. The cost starts about 100 €.

Phytopeel Laser
H regenerate not only the skin but also the deeper layers. Using the laser, one can intervene at all levels and to correct the functions of cells.
How is “using a device such as a diode laser or the amplified pulse light, can penetrate deeply and challenge Photorejuvenation,peeling” says dermatologist John Peros. The technique begins with the implementation of fytopilingk. Apply a mixture of alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, mandelic and lactic acid “, informed by expert and adds:” Thanks to them, the dead cells are removed, without causing intense exfoliation. The proportions are selected so as to give radiation in the face. Then we come to the application of the laser. Due to the peeling, the links of the skin keratin loosened so the penetration of the laser is more effective. The ray reaches the deeper layers, stimulates the production of collagen and increases blood flow. Finally, to soothe any irritation spread a calming mask with bisabolol “.
INFO: To maximise results, repeated every 1-2 weeks for 1 month. It costs about 200 €.


Microcirculation: Fractional Laser
After gymnastics, face red and shining. This is the beneficial effect of stimulating blood circulation. Now, a new method promises to increase blood flow in the skin tissue and, therefore, to provide a look that shines health.
How “With the help of the fractional laser, one can intervene in all layers of the skin and go up the pots, without leaving marks on the surface,” says plastic surgeon Constantinos Floros and continues: “The laser head selectively delivers energy through small, almost invisible dots. Due to heat induced hyperaemia, i.e. increases blood flow in the blood vessels, connective tissue. The blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to the skin cells, so they radiate from health. Simultaneously, because of the heat, fibroblasts stimulated to increase production of collagen. ” At the points where it is channeled radiation remains a slight wound. After 1 week off and the wound is complete.
INFO: To achieve the flash, one application is sufficient. However, to do more in terms of regeneration and anti-aging, and other applications made, within one month. The cost of the process starts from € 200.

Mesotherapy without injections
The dull and lifeless skin suffers from lack of nutrients. Even if the diet is rich in vitamins, skin is the organ that absorbs a smaller proportion of them. A new technique, “isoforisi” promises to penetrate the “barrier” of the skin and to channel through a special machine vitamins in the deeper layers without injections.
How ‘s skin cells, those directly responsible for the haze, is the body’s cells fired “last” with nutrients. To carry these essential components, the cosmetic medical experts have drawn the appropriate treatments. “With application of energy emitted at different wavelengths, the method of isoforisis opens pores,” explains the dermatologist Maria Mavridou and adds: “So, we can transfer to the skin of the active substances used in mesotherapy, without having to do injections: hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, vitamin C for rejuvenation, vitamin E to smooth wrinkles. ”
INFO: To complete the act of treating, require 6-8 iterations. The cost is around € 100.

By the action of Botox
Women have loved Botox and all that you can do for wrinkles. The new bet is the imitation of an action without the need for injections.
How The dermatologist Mrs. Maria Mavridou tells us to treat «botox-like», which uses synthetic hexapeptide Argireline: «This substance prevents the release of neurotransmitter substances, which are responsible for muscle contractions. In this way, it limits the movement of muscles and thus helps the skin look smooth and effortless. Thanks to this action, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, which are caused by expressions. H implementing enhanced by Kombuchka substance derived from the fermentation of black tea and functions as a material that fills the wrinkles. At the same time, it contains Sepilift, a plant derivative that tightens the collagen fibers. The treatment consists of a series of masks and peels, which succeed one another in such a way as to multiply their effectiveness. ”
INFO: The glow becomes apparent from the first visit. For completion, however, the results, the treatment should be repeated 6 times at a frequency of 1-2 times per week. The cost is around € 150.


Glow in the maximum: Injections of deep hydration
water and vitamins are necessary conditions for the good image of the skin. The only way to get into the skin and the benefit is mesotherapy.
How is the first component of the name, the word “average”, explains that the channel is in the middle layer of the skin. “In order to achieve hydration and retention of moisture within the skin, making injections with hyaluronic acid,” the surgeon Constantinos Floros explains and adds: “The molecules of this substance act like a sponge and retain water quantities multiple of their weight. So, we provide deep hydration, which lasts for months. At the same time, to give the skin a glow of health, strengthen the injection solution with vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants, and vitamin A, which regulates cell functions as a whole. ”
INFO: apply to a visit to the clinic and the results are immediately visible. However, if necessary, can be repeated after 1 month. The cost of the process starts from 100 €.