Goodnight, Hair Loss And Care

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Learn all about an innovative treatment that makes hair more dense and strong and takes part in our competition to make it your own.

We employ all men and women. You do patience to pass, we will settle nostrums or treat it effectively?
The seasonal or permanent phenomenon, the thinning of the hair does not discriminate. 50% of men and women who visit the salon facing some type of hair thinning. How would we treat it?
Experts say the night, as the body rests and repairs the damage, it is the ideal time to apply to the scalp antioxidants that protect against damage caused by oxidation. Thus, the scientists created NIOXIN NIOXIN Night Density Rescue, the first-night treatment, clinically proven to increase hair density reducing hair loss *.

Goodnight, Loss – Good morning, beautiful and luxurious hair!

To NIOCHIN Night Density Rescue and the entire range of products tie NIOCHIN will find all affiliated salons WELLA.

 Associated with damage from oxidation scalp.

upper Nioxin Contest
Take part in our competition and you could be one or one of the lucky 10 who will win innovative treatment night against hair loss NIOCHIN Night Density Rescue.

The winners of the contest
1. Peace Keroglou
2. Alexandra Xenophon 3. Katerina Gkogkani Chrisoula Tinier 4. 5. 6. Chrysa Chatzigianni Yota Ioannidou Lena Theodorakopoulou 7. 8. 9. Peace Poulianos Sula Mitsiadi 10. Eugenia Tserpes