Gymnastics in Secret Fitness For Women

On the beach, in the water, washing the dishes or sit at your desk, you can … exercise. And even without getting your one news!

You can exercise anywhere. And when we say everywhere, we mean literally everywhere! Take every opportunity to turn up your muscles or burn fat without anyone noticing get you! Apart from using the normal stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator, or get off the Metro or bus 1-2 stops before your destination and walk the rest of the distance, there are exercises you can do on the beach, in water, walk or office, activating specific muscles. Read the text below and get ideas!

Walking on the beach
Walk along the sand slowly or quickly depending on your fitness. An ideal aerobic exercise! Increase difficulty walking at the beach where your feet sink in the wet sand or if you are more adventurous further enter into the water. The degree of difficulty increases significantly when the water reaches your waist, calf or knee.

Stepper in water
Get in the water halfway (the water reaches your belly around), place hands in the middle and start uploading walk by the movement of the stepper in the water. You can increase the intensity by raising the knees higher or raising and lowering the fastest. This is an excellent exercise because in the water there is constant resistance, so the legs are constantly working out, that even in the download. This means that fully exercise thighs while you and a very nice massage.

Abdominal … the starfish
Xemakrynete little from the beach to not get wind of you and lie on your back in the water with hands in extent and legs stretched, like starfish. Artists to pick up your feet to the chest, tighten abs. Remove them again and repeat 10 times. Run up to 3 sets, the relaxing interval in minutes relaxed bathing. If the exercise you want to “catch” more belly than walk, do not keep your feet too,

Leaping in the waves 
Does he wave today? Even better! Enter the water until the middle of your lower leg and stand with feet slightly open and slightly bent. Whenever approaching a wave, just bend your knees and jump over the wavelets. Land with your knees slightly bent, so as not to burden the knee joint from the shock rebound. Thereby tightening the glutes, the hamstrings, and your legs.

Washing dishes
Use dead time waiting for the bus or wash dishes to turn your abs. Take a deep breath as you stretch your chest and “open” your side. Exhale, trying to tighten your belly to where you feel a muscle activation. Then relax and repeat. Some repetitions in the day to strengthen your abdomen to understand!

Secretly weights to ride
When you go for a walk or for business, you can wear on the wrists and your ankles specific weights marketed. easily hidden under your pants and your long-sleeved blouse (in winter), so no one will notice them. This will turn up and will burn more calories. Caution, however, not to overdo the weight. A dumbbell of a kilo in each hand and foot is enough, while more weight is likely to complicate your walking and perhaps to cause an injury. In any case, if you feel any discomfort from the specific weights, remove and continue.

Carved hips in front of the / Y
A subtle motion under your desk can Gymnasium your hips while you work. While you are sitting at your desk with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lift your right foot off the ground and tap the right ankle over the left knee (like when we sit cross-legged). Bend, bringing your torso forward, as far as it argues the buttock. Stay in this position for 10 and relax. Repeat the exercise and continue with the other leg.