Handmade Carpet Care Tips: General Guidelines

A good handmade rugs are not only beautiful but also durable.

With proper maintenance passed from generation to generation, their value increases with the passage of time and acquire the “charm of the old.”

Apart from maintenance provided by experts, and we ourselves can follow some tips to keep our carpets in the best condition:

  1. The rotation of the carpet by a few months, for equal distribution of brightness on the whole surface, imparts homogeneity in the image.
  1. Cleaning of carpet vacuumed, but always at a low volume, it should be (no more frequently than once a month) with care and always in one direction, the direction of the pile, and remember to tilt your carpet per regularly and wipe and the back side of the carpet to remove the dust between the weave.
  1. The carpet cleaning by specialists good is to make no more frequently than once every three to five years.
  1. To save your carpet, do the roll, always heading in the direction of the pile and avoid direct contact with the surface of the leaves Vapona, (do not use preparations with camphor or mothballs because the wool absorbs the smell) use white or brown wrapping paper to absorb any moisture if your carpet sweated for storage during the summer months.
  1. Finally, wrap the carpet in clipboard cotton sheet or calico or better in our storage boxes made of natural jute, and the store is sure to cool, ventilated and dry.